Greetings B friends in Florida

  • I have a question? My husband and I are coming down (w/out dogs) Feb 13 - 18. Planning on flying into Tampa and are trying to figure out where to stay. I'm pretty familiar with area from Tarpon to Ft. Myers Beach but many cottages/condos I know are only week rentals and we will not be there a week. So here is my question. Given the time of year - are we better off finding one place and staying there OR would there be enough availability for us to hop from city to city. I'm inclined to find a spot and relax so any ideas of a great spot near water would be appreciated.

  • Wow, I'm right here in Tampa and don't have a clue! Personally, I would stay in one place, or maybe divide my time between 2 places. I think many beach cotteges and hotels will do per/day stays. And our tourist business is a little "off" so there might be more vacnacies than in past years. I don't know of any really cool places, sorry, we rarely go to the beach (isn't that sad?). I know a lot of people like Englewood, a small place just south of Sarasota. The beach is supposed to be really nide, it is a small, quet place.

    If I can be of any assistance, just ask!

    Anne in Tampa

  • I usually go to the Clearwater Beach area. It depends on how close to the beach you want to stay. Most of the cheap "Mom and Pop" motel rentals at Clearwater Beach seem to be gone now, but most of the chain hotels are available within walking distance to the beach. It depends on how much money you're willing to spend.

  • So far the couple I have contacted have that timeframe open but want a Sunday to Sunday week and we only have a wednesday to Sunday - they indicated that it was 'high season' and that they would be full. Although I'm not seeing a lot of evidence of that.
    Thanks anyway - if you think of something - let me know.

  • Please feel free to contact me at home if I can make a call for you or anything, at


  • I may take you up on that - if I can't get in where I typically stay and am familiar with. I've stayed in a couple of dives that I'd not care to return too.

    Seems like even if it's 'high' season - I should be able to risk waiting until I get there to see what the weather is like - I could go down to Fort Myers - I did that once before when it was too rainy and gloomy in Tampa area.

    I may just get one night somewhere certain and then just decide when I get there. Doesn't bother me much but hubby is a bit less willing to risk it.

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