• Yesterday I found an ideal animal companion for basenji - baby goat 😃 There were several baby goats born at our Ruminant Clinics last days and as I was taking care of them, I saw all the similar behaving as basenjis have. They are same sized, jumping aroud and looking what could they do to have some fun, chewing my shoes and shirt, looking at me like "hey you, what are you doing on my planet?":D, they are just too funny and reminds me basenjis so much 😃

    This one was born by CS and can?t drink milk from her mother, so we feed her from bottle:)


  • Houston

    oh my goodness how cute..I want goats one day to add to our backyard herd..now is not the time my hubby tells me..and I think he might be right, but one day..

  • Too cute!

    I like goats so much, there were a lot of goats at my school and the Nubian reminded me at Jar Jar Binks from Star wars 😃

    They sure are as naughty as the Basenji haha

  • Cute!!! 😃

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