Tillo at an agility match

Not competing, but as spectator πŸ˜ƒ

Ha that is so funny:D

Too funny! Years ago I took Topper with us when we registered Nicky for agility class. He jumped up on the top of the tunnel and ran along the top. Not quite the way they are supposed to do it, but like Tillo, Topper was very creative. Love any photo of Tillo!

Tillo loves the tunnel as well. First thing he does when he has to start his first round at the training is to ignore me and make sure he has gone through all the tunnels.. :rolleyes: It's even worse when it's raining.. He will then run to a tunnel to hide and won't come out until it's dry.. So when he saw this tunnel he wanted to get in it right away! Haha.. Weird pup πŸ˜‰


How funny and cute..he is lovely for sure.

Look at handsome Murtillo! Love the expression on his face. "Hah! I know what these are for!" πŸ˜ƒ

LOL, what a character he is!

Tillo's pictures always make me smile - such a character he is! Thanks for sharing the pics. πŸ™‚

A great pic of Tillo πŸ™‚

Lovely picture. When one of mine used to go in the tunells, she would curl up in the middle!! At least Tillo goes through!!

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