Tillo racing!

Today was Tillo's first training on the race track. He did great! Hah, all the whippet owners were surprised! 😉

BF took some nice pics!

Tillo's first run: a straight line.

Tillo takes a peek to see if the lure is still there.. 😃

Second run: a straight line + one curve

Those some really good shots! "I got the bag"!!

Go Tillo, Go !I love the pics, his face looks as if he is realy enjoying it 🙂

Yeah Tillo !! Run boy run ! Great series ! TOP Job !:D

I love the pics especially the last one:D


Janneke and BF, awesome pictures, I love the ones whe he is running so fast his ears are glued to his back..and the last one.."got it!!"
Thanks you so much for sharing.

Cool pics, go Tillo!

Thanks for the nice comments 🙂


I love the ones whe he is running so fast his ears are glued to his back…

He's definitely going for the Whippet look on those pics 😉 😃

Brilliant pictures! He looks as though he is loving it. We are trying to arrange some lure coursing here in scotland - i think i am going to watch the deerhound coursing next sunday and might give Tilly a try.

wow, he took off so fast it uncurled his tail! Great shots! Wish there was a lure coursing area were I live…sadly no.

Jay! Tillo, go for it!

Really nice shots! You can see them smile while racing 🙂


ooooh, great pics…LOVE the last one...could be a postcard!

Love the last shot looks great!

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