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    Here are some pics of my new puppy-to be named, and Missy, my 10 yr old red/white Basenji. (click on misspodhradsky under the pics of the little female puppy. or you can click the link below and it should take you right to it. 😃


  • First Basenji's

    Great pics! I love the one where she is laying on your back… that's so adorable!

  • I like this shot!

  • aww thanks guys! 🙂 She loves me SOOO much! she suffers from separation anxiety so she feels like she needs to follow my every step. But its ok cuz i love her so much an i get depressed just like her when we are away for a long time! 😃 She is my baby! I am adding the second girl to the family! 😃 I need help naming her tho, its hard to think of the perfect name. I want a girly name but not one that is snooty girly lol like princess or paris or duchess. lol I just dont know what to name her! lol. Any ideas?

    Thanks a bunch for the comments 🙂

  • She looks like a Sugar Plum to me!!!!

  • With that hat, and the waving of the paw….well....I would name her "Magic". Looks like a little magician. 😉

  • When are you picking up your puppy? Did you discuss with your breeder the issues of having a same sex pair?

  • hehehe. thank you, but i am not trying to name the bigger/older one with the hat. I must have written it wrong. I am trying to name the puppy, in the top link. but magic is a cute name, and i had a husky named that 🙂

    I am getting her on the May 2nd. She is from Wisconsin.and a friend of the family is moving back from there so he is just going to drive her back with him. it will be alot better than shipping her, faster and cheaper. haha. No but i know my girl very well. Missy is fine with puppy females and she had a litter back in 2004 and we lost the puppy (by an unfortunate escape/car incident) and she has longed for a puppy companion. Beings how she is a puppy I have no doubt she will be fine. and growing up together missy will learn to love her.thanks for the concern. I know alot of B's are same sex aggressive and some are not other dog oriented at all. but i do have faith they will be fine together. 🙂

  • Just remember you are not bringing in a puppy bitch to your house. Your new pup will be a young adolescent by then and your girl may not be as tolerant as she was with puppies, especially since this is not a related bitch.

  • I agree with lvoss, I know many bitches that are perfectly fine with their own daughters or even puppies born in the same house… Until they are adults. And then things change. So, just be prepared, because as we say, it works till it doesn't....

    And it is really something that should have been discussed with the breeder.

  • She is so cute! I love the picture with the hat you sent - adorable. Maybe the new addition will be so well tolerated she fixes your girl's separation anxiety. Getting a second B cured Shaye's. Of course, Gemma is 7 months older, not a little one, but you never know how they are going to react until you have them together - good luck and be happy until you see a good reason not to be, every dog is different.

  • I feel it is very important to be prepared. It may be that everything works out great and it is a wonderful match. On the other hand, if the puppy arrives and things are not working out so great, it is really important to have a plan for what you will do. This is especially important since the breeder is not local.

    Are you equipped to separate your household if neccessary? Have you found a local trainer and behaviorist you can work with if issues arise?

    These are things best thought about before an issue arises rather than just hoping for the best. Then if something does happen, you don't have deal with these things when your emotions are running high.

  • Great pics, i also love the one of Missy with the Top hat and raised paw, it's brilliant.

  • Again, I would have to agree with lvoss, better to be prepared then not…. and do you have a plan for introducing them? Never a really good thing to just "waltz" in with another dog and "surprise" the one that lives there. Remember, it was her home first... and now you are asking her to share everything, including you, with a complete stranger..

  • There are few household that can handle running 2 different packs…and if you don't, and they do not get along, you will have 2 very damaged dogs from fighting...sometimes to the death.
    It is not to be overstated, that this can be very serious. Please, reconsider.

  • yes i totally agree. however i just have faith in her. She has always been really good with other puppies, no matter the gender. If it doesnt work out, her owner now will take her back. but i think after a little while she should be ok.

    like i said, thank you for your concerns, i appreciate the input. It if doesnt work out ill give her back to the owner. If it does, then great 🙂

  • Ok, I do understand and I am hopeful it will work out.
    I do have to tell you that your 2 girls can go along well for YEARS…then something happens and they won't be able to be in the same room...
    BUT as your aware, maybe you can do something to prevent it.
    Good luck and let us know how its going..we do just want to help.

  • Yes, i am too. and i know, dogs do that all the time. are fine one minute and then hate them the next. but i have been working with dogs my whole life, i know just about everything about a dog. I have studied dog phycology, body language, and have been around dogs my whole life. They are the only things i would say i am smart with lol. but i do really appreciate the comments and the advice. I will let you know but i think she should be ok.

  • Well, share photos and let us enjoy your new addition.

  • 😃 will do!

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