Basenji stranded b/c of volcano

Wow, I hadn't even thought about animals being stuck in Europe. Here's hoping they all make it back/to their homes.

Small world! How cool to read about Zest's brother in the WSJ !
Dr. Wolf, of Air Animal, used to be the only vet in Tampa open on late Saturday and we took our first basenji to him many years ago, before he started Air Animal.
I would have had to drive across the alps too if one of mine was stranded, I'm sure we all would!

yea, i sometimes go to google news and type in "basenji" just to see what comes up. I did that last night and this article came up, but it was late and i didn't read it then, figuring I'd save it for the morning. Before I got around to reading it today, I saw where Peg Grundman emailed the same link to me with a note saying Zest's littermate was Pen, the basenji in the attached article. I had no idea. Like Kipawa I'd never thought about the animals being stranded due to flight problems.

How random…Basenjis and volcanos. Thanks for sharing.

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