Anyone ever flown w/ B in the cabin?

  • I saw a few postings regarding this, but I'm hoping to get more info if anyone else has experience with flying w/ a basenji.

    Have you ever flown with your B in the cabin of the plane? Or as part of your checked luggage? If in the plane, what type of Sherpa bag did you use? Did the airline actually weigh the bag and the dog to make sure it fit their guidelines.. ?

    Also anyone have any experience taking a dog overseas? I may be going to Germany for a couple months and it seems that the only requirements is that they have a rabies vaccination and are tattooed/microchipped. I REALLY don't want to bring them unless I can bring them in the cabin with me. I would have to ask a coworker to bring one and I could bring the other since there is a limit of 1 animal per passenger. But just wanted to see if anyone could offer advice on what kind of bag to use and how strict they are about the weight/height regulations….

  • You would have to call the airlines for regulations overseas… and each airline has its own requirments for in cabin pets. I have flown with a puppy and there was never a question or problem with size... but with an adult, again, depending on the airline they might question you...

  • Last year I flew with a puppy and had no problems with the airline. They checked the vet papers and at the gate they made me take the pup out of the sherpa bag so they could put it through the x-ray machine. No problems. My only problem was constant accidents 😞 The poor pup had to potty every minute!
    I will be flying again in 3 weeks to pick up my new B and this time….im going to make sure he has no food or water in his system 🙂

  • Thanks for the info! I was hoping they didn't actually make you take the dog out of the bag because I know that Tayda is larger and heavier than their limits, their limit is 15lbs, and Tayda is 17 lbs. But I was hoping to sneak her on. I bought one of those rolling dog carriers and I know she'd be comfortable sitting in it, but she wouldn't be able to stand up and turn around, which is another thing they say they require. i was just wondering if they checked that sort of thing… or weighed the dog. Hmmm... I'm not sure what to do, I REALLY don't want to have them checked with the luggage.... 😞

  • I have flown with my basenji Rio as an adult in a Sherpa. Weight limits vary depending on airlines and several have no stated weight limit. I use a large Sherpa, no wheels because I was told by another basenji owner that has flown with her adult basenjis that the ones with the wheels do not always fit under the seat. I flew United out of Sacramento to LAX, neither airport weighed Rio or asked me to take her out at the check in desk. You do need to take them out to go through security and carry them through the metal detector.

  • I have seen the people who have dogs in the large crates weighed at check in. Only because it was a large carrier. Honestly I would carry her because it gives the appearance that they are lighter then they appear.

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