• And then there's Veda‚Ķtalk about a rare breed ūüėÉ

  • Christy, I just have a question, in the looks dept, are you dark or fair, large or small, wear glasses-I guess I'm asking how different looking from your girlfriend and Vicky are you? This could be a factor, as well as if you smoke or smell different. I know it's weird, but it happens that just because you look a certain way, move a certain way, or smell different, some dogs just have a thing about it.

  • I am medium height, fair skin, no glasses, petite, do not smoke, drink, very soft voice, I never yell. My girlfriend has the authority! Lol, not saying she is in charge, but when it comes to the animals she is the one who disciplines.

  • Do you ever get involved in the disciplining of Sid? How much? Is it possible that because your girlfriend is the one who disciplines, that your basenji just doesn't know what to make of you, causing him to be cautious around you? Are you apprehensive at all around Sid? I believe that dogs do like discipline because it gives them a guidance that they then feel comfortable with. If you are apprehensive around Sid he may be picking that up and not feel confident enough to be around you as much. Just my thoughts.

  • No, I am not to apprehensive around him. He isn't a bad dog and doesn't really do anything to be disciplined truth be told. I have yelled at him once when he nipped at the cats when we first got him though. Any other time he has gotten into trouble (getting into the litter boxes when we are gone) my girlfriend disciplines him. But it's not even like he knows, she just bring him in there and says bad boy. He is a good dog and very well mannered so we have never really discipline him. After hearing some of the history of Sid from Andrea, I think that he just may be a one person dog. She might come help out and give us some more suggestions. In the mean time I have been feeding him from my hand as much as possible to bond with him and continue to give him his favorite treats and what not. I have faith that in time he will improve, especially when we bring home new puppy.

  • Sid likes buried treasure, huh? No matter how well bred they are, they are still just dogs. I haven't met a dog yet who doesn't like kitty treats. I had to lock my cat's litter box on the enclosed front porch and install a kitty door to keep the dog out of it. (The dog at the time was Australian Cattle Dog.) Sumi (the cat) loved it, though, because it gave her some space of her own where she could be away from the dog when she wanted. He never chased her, but cats enjoy their alone time. It didn't hurt that the porch had huge windows all around and she could catch some rays too.

    BTW: Your cats are gorgeous! Mine was very small black short-hair. I think she had some Abyssinian in her someplace. Her dad was a traveling salesman.

  • Haha, yeah he def enjoys getting in there and then rolling around in it and embedding it into the carpet! Good times. We got a gate and put it up in front of that room, if he really wanted he could jump it but that poses too much effort and he is lazy! Lol. I'm glad other dogs do it, we just allowed it to add to his rareness.

  • Beautiful Kitties, Christy.

  • I'm sure Andrea will help you, she's quite good. I'll let her deal with it, since we're all not there and she will be, she knows her stuff!

    As for the kitties, sorry, I didn't comment! I was so involved in the issue. Very nice kitties. The one I had like your stripe, dissappeared one day. Is the other one a Himi? I have a ragdoll. Dumbest cat in existence, but she's beautiful-so she doesn't have to be smart! I swear the pretty ones look at the sky, shake their heads and say-Aren't I pretty?

  • Yes, our 2 'pretty' cats are exactly that. They like to be touched when THEY like to be touched, cuddle when THEY want to cuddle and if it isn't on their time then you my as well forget they exist! They are beautiful cats and you just want to scoop them up and love on them but they hate it! Lol

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