Last week, our family added an 11 week old Basenji named Fox Mulder! We have 3 kids (10, 12 & 16) and an 11 year old Chocolate Lab/ Husky mix named Pooka.
Fox is such a love - but of course, headstrong and a little defiant… We did a lot of research before taking him in, and have quite a bit of experince with other breeds. We are confident that with the right training and resources, we'll be a great fit! I joined the forum to hear success stories and to get to know the breed more. I am in love!

Welcome, where did you get your b from? Some of us here are "related" by dog.
We also love photos, when you have time to post them.
There is a lot of good info here.
Glad you found us.

Hi, welcome to the forum, i love your basenji's name 🙂
You will hear many success stories on this forum but it is very much a warts and all type of place so you will also get the truth 😉

We welcome you and Fox Mulder to the forum! Post some pictures.

Welcome to the forum!

When does Scully arrive? 😃

welcome. my first basenji had a choc lab.

2 questions:
1. Where did you get your screen name from "Brand X"–any chance it is a CF ref? 🙂
2. Are you in Indiana? I am just NW of Indy!

Hi and welcome. I look forward to hearing lots about your new basenji and "his" family. 🙂 And yes, we are all picture lovers, so when you can, we'd love to see a few of Fox Mulder.

Welcome to our pack. Just a word of wisdom - when training your beastie - I mean basenji - use clicker training with really tasty treats. They catch on much much faster to this type of training. With a name like Fox Mulder I'm sure you'll find he'll be investigating all sorts of weird things :p


How are the pups getting along? I love the X-files reference with B's. They always seem to travel in a different dimension than most other creatures and the truth is always over the next rise!

Have great fun

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