• About us:

    • Linda Daves Siekert - sinbaje basenjis / Tucson, AZ
    • Due to a hearing impairment, email is the preferred method of contact for me: sinbaje@comcast.net
    • I am an active member in good standing with the BCOA (national breed club). I am also a member of the South Coast Basenji Fanciers.
    • I am co-breeding this litter with Katy Scott, kele basenjis. Katy is also an active BCOA member in good standing. I can provide a phone number for Katy if the phone is your preferred method of communicating.
    • We still have a few spots available on our waiting list.

    About the parents:

    • The sire is Drew who is 17 inches about 23 pounds.
    • The dam is V who is 16 inches and about 20 pounds.
    • Their registered names and/or multiple titles can be found in my signature block or via my website. (www.sinbaje.com)
    • Both parents are OFA CHIC certified and then some.
    • Drew is fanconi p. clear.
    • V is fanconi p. carrier.
    • More in depth health testing info can be found on the OFA site or via my website. I also have a detailed 5-generation health pedigree available to serious inquiries only.
    • Both Drew and V are AKC and UKC registered therefore I imagine all pups can be AKC, CKC (Canadian Kennel Club) or UKC registered.
    • Those sold as companion animals will be placed on limited registration.

    About the puppies:

    • These pups will be 34.25% New African(Avongara)/ 12.5% English Import

    • We are expecting deep reds and/or brindles. We do not expect any tri colors but "never say never." :O)

    • Puppies are due May 19, 2010

    • Pups will be ready to go home between 10-12 weeks. All pups will be sold with a contract. Contact me for a copy.

    • Price: $900 - with a $100 deposit required. Per contract a spay/neuter monetary refund is available; as are cumulative monetary refunds for titles earned.

    • We prefer potential owners to pick up their pups so they can meet parents, see how they were raised, meet Katy and I, and have a few lessons on how to do things (brush teeth, trim nails, etc.) before heading home. Note: To help defray expenses, the purchase price is discounted for anyone having to fly in from any state not neighboring Arizona. Those driving in excess of 8 hours are also given a purchase discount.

    • These babies should be performance dogs par excellence with impeccable personalities and A-1 conformation

    • website: www.sinbaje.com


  • looking for blk/wht…blk/wht/red female....

    lost my boy after 16 years 2 yrs ago ,i live in lake havasu...


    Gary And Carol Stephenson

  • I am sure you will find lovely homes for your pups.

  • Hi Gary,

    Contact me off forum for more info, etc. on some breeders who might have black/white or tri colors available - local and non local. Obviously my litter will not help you as I am expecting reds and/or brindles. :O)

    Depending on when you contact me, I may be delayed in replying as we are headed to Tulsa, OK tomorrow early to attend the AKC Agility National Championships where Drew is the first and only basenji to ever qualify! While I will be able to read and briefly reply to email via my iPhone, I will not be able to go into much detail - as typing on the iPhone is not the easiest.

    Gm atlas engine

  • Thanks Sharon for the vote of confidence. :O)


  • @MrGAS:

    looking for blk/wht…blk/wht/red female....

    lost my boy after 16 years 2 yrs ago ,i live in lake havasu...


    Gary And Carol Stephenson

    Hi Gary… nice to see you here... sorry about Pete's loss, but he certainly had a long life...

  • I also lost my beloved "Cairo" 15+ yrs..I am so ready to get another R&W pup! We live on Cape Cod…pretty far away!

  • Hi Debbie,

    I am sorry about your loss of Cairo. Fifteen years is a long time.

    No where is too far away in this day and age. Katy and I did a whirlwind, less than 24 hour trek in the middle of winter to pick up our two b-babies 6 years ago. We travelled from Tucson to Rhode Island via plane then onwards to Massachusetts by car arriving at 3 in the morning We then reversed the order a few hours later, only this time we had two tiny travellers with us.

    It all depends on what you want and what you are willing to do to attain your desires.

    If my being in Tucson does not deter you, feel free to visit my website and fill out the questionnaire and I will be in touch.

    That said. I would think there are a number of pups in rescue at the moment due to the seizure of the wild pack in Florida and the various pups they found. If you do not mind rescuing (and dealing with possible issues related to their early exposure) I think you might be able to find a pup closer to home. Contact BRAT (Basenji Rescue and Transit) or more info.

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  • And I will add tha my three new additions were a weekend of flying/driving…. we flew to Chicago, drove to Cleveland, Ohio... picked up one pup, drove back to the west side of Chicago, picked up two more pups... and the flew home to California... it was a packed 3 days... but work fine....

  • Hi!
    I will be living in Malibu, CA this summer and am very interested in getting a r&w or brindle basenji puppy. I know the drive is still long, but I would really like more information on your puppies whenever it becomes available!

  • Houston

    Linda..do you still have any slots for puppies available or all they all claimed?

  • Hi Petra,

    Thank you for the reminder to update this subject. Yes, currently my waiting list is full. I have contacted chelsm privately letting her know this.

    Thanks again.

    4 Star Military Surplus Grenade

  • Houston

    ahh..I was hoping to put my name on the list..oh well, next time maybe.

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