• Hello folks. I live near Dallas and am looking for a R/W puppy. The breeder directory led to four TX breeders, all with either defunct websites or ones that hadn't been updated in 5-10 years! Very frustrating. If anyone has a known referral for a quality breeder, I would welcome you sending it my way please. I'm a previous Basenji owner so I know what I am getting into! 🙂

  • If you were on the basenji.org site, those breeders are still there, they may not update websites, but they have email listed and phone numbers? Call them. Also on the basenji.org link for finding a breeder you can contact the breeder liaison but seem the link is not working. Denise Vertrees, [removed private email and phone number]. Many breeders are using FB instead of websites.... but I agree it is frustrating... one of my pet peeves that people do not keep their sites up to date.

  • Try. contacting Cindy Griswold at http://flyn-hi-hounds.com. She's really near Austin, and I'm 99% sure she doesn't have any puppies, but if there was a reputable breeder near you with puppies she would likely know about that.

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