• Your name: Kathy Britton/Khani's Basenjis
    Your city, state: Portland, Oregon
    Your phone numbers/email: bennyburnerbono @ aol.com
    Basenji(s) For Sale: Tank
    Age of Basenji(s): 19 months
    Current weight of Basenji(s) for sale: 28# of solid muscle
    Health Tests: CERFd, Fanconi-Carrier
    Parents health tests:
    Sire: OFA Good (@8y.o.), Elbow/Patella Normal, CERFd, Fanconi Clear
    Dam: OFA Good, Elbow/Patella Normal, CERFd, Thyroid Normal, Fanconi Clear
    Registration if any (AKC, Basenji Clubs, etc): AKC registered
    Price: Negotiable
    Age when puppies will be ready to be taken home: After he recuperates from his neuter on Friday the 13th 😉
    Do you ship your Basenjis: USA shipping only for Tank

    Tank is a cool dog. He loves all people and especially children. He can be a handful so he is not for the faint-of-heart. If you can't handle a dog with energy, he is NOT the dog for you.
    He has basic house manners…. and sits when he thinks you are going to give him food. House- leash- and crate-trained. Retired showdog with a junior courser title.
    LOVES small furry animals more than you'd like to know... and is definitely faster than the mediocre squirrel, rat, mole, or cat! Kitties.... well he only likes them for snacks.. so not a good combination for him. Small furry dogs... they'd only squeak once, as they might look like one of the toys from the toy basket.
    Tanks object in life is to PLAY PLAY and PLAY some more. He loves girls and can go to a home with a female basenji that will NOT beat him up, or to a home as a lone basenji.

  • Ok, I am confused. Would someone please help me out and educate me here. If both the Sire and the Dam of this Basenji tested clear for Fanconi, then how can this Basenji be a carrier of Fanconi? By the way he is a beautiful dog, and if we did not have Roo, Miranda and I would consider adopting him. We are still very tempted.

    Thanks in advance,


  • Tank is Khani's Real Wild Child, here is his OFA page link with his parents' results listed.


  • I think that was an error on Kathy's part to show the Dam as clear. The Dam is probley affected as shown on the OFA site. (link that lvoss posted)

  • Might I ask, why are you looking to rehome this good looking basenji?

  • This shows that I haven't been on in a while… sorry but I have been busy with school all day the past week.
    The error was posting after midnight and I put the sire as a clear, he is not. He is affected and Tank is a Carrier.

    Tank is neutered and is ready for a forever home.
    I don't keep a lot of dogs in my home, and I breed just to keep what I want to continue with my breeding program.
    I work, have elementary school kids and am going to school FT myself.
    I was not planning to use him for breeding, as I have his grandsire who is just like him, yet already health-tested..
    so this makes a great dog available to a companion home.

  • So, you're breeding affected males, to keep what you want to continue your breeding program with? That's what it sounds like. I hope that's not entirely true.

  • If you look at Tank's date of birth, you will notice that he was born prior to the release of the DNA Marker test. His sire's Fanconi status was not discovered until after Tank's birth.

  • He is super handsome. Personally I'm partial to the high-energy ones…my 2, Ruby & Brando are constantly go, go, go...so I know what you mean about not for the faint-of-heart. I know you'll find a great home for him.

    BTW, I love the name Tank for a basenji and love that you name your basenjis from rock & roll... 😃 😉

  • @etzbseder:

    So, you're breeding affected males, to keep what you want to continue your breeding program with? That's what it sounds like. I hope that's not entirely true.

    Please note the date of the Sire's birth, it was well before we had a Fanconi DNA test.

    AND… as previously discussed... there could be indeed reasons to use an affected Male.... (bred to a clear of course) abit they would have to be very good reasons... like to protect a bloodline that might be lost to the breed and all other things being outstanding, conformation, temperament, and the rest of the health testing.

  • He is lovely.

  • I hope he finds a new home soon because he is a very handsome boy!

  • I hope he finds a special home soon too. Seeing all these handsome boys and pretty girls makes me want to take them all! I'd love to just scoop em all up and have a whole basenji HERD!!


  • Michael let me further clarify from a breeders perspective. For example I typically bred every couple of years but have not had a basenji litter for 5 now. In order to ensure that I have space to help with rescue when needed - and for those of my breeding whose family situation changes - I don't keep a ton of dogs either. If it is not a dog that I am showing, or planning on useing in my breeding program and the choice is live as one among many or find the dog a wonderful home of his own. I will always choose what is best for the dog.

    The hardest 2 things I do are putting down the old and infirm at the end of their lives, and parting with a dog I ador when I give it a chance to be someones treasured companion.

    If we bred to keep - we would soon have no room!

    (to say nothing of the cities and towns we live in coming to knock on our doors.)

  • Michael,

    As with the breeders that posted while I was away, do take a look… Tank was in a litter whelped the fall prior to the reease of the Fanconi linkage test. Looking on the CPP database (all of my dogs are public information) you will note that they all have had their blood samples on fie for quite some time, just anxiously awaiting the test to be public.

    Yes, I have absolutely NO problem that I have bred that Fanconi Affected male. He is gorgeous and a lovely contribution to the gene pool. Sure he has the Fanconi genes that I'd prefer not to pass down, but when bred to a clear, that is a non-issue.

    You are more than welcome to look on the www.offa.org database to peruse my kennel name and the gads of dogs that are tested but not used for breeding. NOT ALL DOGS need to be bred. Not even ones that are as lovely as Tank. He is a darling and a joy to live with… but I have access to his sister, so there is no need to use him as well. I know this may not be something that is understandable to someone that has not been there as of yet.

    You will find when looking up my dogs that I do a lot of health testing... I have had my share of Fanconi, and I will continue to breed good healthy dogs, with sound temperaments. EVEN if it means using an affected. One learns never to say never in this arena... so I won't say I wouldn't knowingly use another affected male again, though I currently have no plans for that.

    Do I suggest using affecteds to others? NO. Unless the breeder has established a good bloodline and would like to continue on with it, I don't see why a 'new' breeder needs to use an affected when there are plenty of non-affecteds at their disposal.

    If you have questions for me regarding my breeding program, you are free to email me directly about it.

  • Kathy,
    Is Tank still available? I did send someone your way that was looking for a young dog, not particularly a puppy?

  • Yes, Tank is still available.
    I had a call from someone in Cali this weekend but I just got home last last night, perhaps that was her?
    He is neutered already, and is great with kids, loves them bunches.
    Just loves little and fuzzy more than any owner would like 😃 him to!

    Any referrals would be greatly appreciated….
    AND I am more than happy to fly him somewhere.. but ALL family parties have to be on board if he flies... he prefers non-stop too 🆒

  • Tank is inhis new home in Canada…
    waiting for a playmate I am sure!
    He says, nope, these counters aren't too tall I can surf them too!

    it is a quiet house with only 3 puppy girls and no Tankini!

  • I so love happy endings! HOpe everything works out for Tank in his new home.

  • I'm glad to hear that Tank has found a new home. 🙂

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