• Help! My dog has a bad yeast infection in between her legs. We were given antifungal shampoos and lotions. As there was some improvement, it still hasn't gone away. She is very obsessed with licking herself. Is there anyone who may had a similiar problem with their dog?

    Any feedback is welcomed

  • My boy licks when he is fed foods with grain, or when the grass allergies are high.
    Did this just start? What are you feeding? How old is your b?

  • She is four years old. It started about 2 months ago. When the vet took a look at her she stated it was a yeast infections. She eats Beneful.

  • First, I would get rid of the Beneful… not a very good food... and then back to the Vet for treatment. Yeast infections are very difficult to clear up and takes much dedication....

  • What food do you suggest?

  • Any good food that would be without grains to start… but until you get the yeast infection cleared up.. that is the first problem...

  • Thanks for your help.

  • Pat's advice is right on. Try a food with a chicken and rice, as few additives as possible. I avoid lamb. My 2 b's don't digest it well and my boy tends to get the ichy's when fed lamb and grains.

  • My Buddy had his entire stomach covered with an itchy yeast infection last October. He obsessively licked because it itched so bad. He had to be put on antibiotics for 1 month and the use of a medicated shampoo given to me by the vet. The thing is he ate a high quality frozen raw meat based diet with no grains other than brown rice that was in the small amount of dry I added.

  • I would suggest putting some A&D Ointment on it. Medjai had a problem with a rash type thing between his legs for over a year before I tried A&D and now it's gone. I've had him on good food, and tried different things from the vet and nothing worked until now.

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