Yeast Infection

I was wondering if anyone has had problems with yeast infection in the
ears and on the body of their B's . . . if so, what treatment are you using
or did you use.

My girl has very badly infected ears from yeast, the vet put her on
antibiotis and ear medication for ten days, I was told
there are three different types of yeast infection, if in fact she has the
first type this treatment should clear her up.

After reviewing her history, it seems she has had similiar issues in the
past, nothing be noted about yeast infection though. Just serious skin

I was on line looking up anything I could find out and came up with excellent info on ear care and
disease - Otitis Externa or Malassezia Infections. There was excellent
info I found regarding the treatment that has been give to Nsana, but
the long term cure from this treatment isn't good, some healthy alternatives
are pro biotics, yogurt, cider vinegar, etc . . . any imput would be most
appreciated. I don't want to continue on with long term antibiotic treatment
if this continues to be a problem in the future.

Like to hear from you . . .


Nsana's Mom

I had a bully with the same problems. I changed foods and added natural supplements to his diet and 95% of his problem went away. After I changed my yard care habits, the last 5% of his skin problems disappeared as well. I always made sure he was bathed in a mild oatmeal wash and his ears were kept dry.

Change of diet might help some, but there are many more here at the forums that are more knowledgeable than myself, so I'll leave it to them.

Good luck!! Let us know how this turns out!!

Thanks so much, I will be changing her diet as soon as the new food arrives, I can't buy anything local, everything is ordered on line and arrives via UPS.
Slow process, the only one I know of though. I do bathed her in an oatmeal
based shampoo for this condition.

My last B had skin problems and I was able to clear it up with diet, suppliments and this shampoo . . . I'm hoping this will work with my new
girl as well.

Thanks for the imput, much appreciated.

Certainly I have seen many yeast infections, but usually in the gentialia area then the ears?… don't know where you got your B from, but have you talked to the breeder?

Yes, I spoke with them, they told me she didn't have any problems when I got her other than a small hot spot, which in fact turned out to be a yeast
infection. It is on her body as well as in her ears.

Sounds like the same thing I experienced. Looked like hot spots but turned out to be yeast. My biggest problem with Snork, other than the ears, was between the hind legs near the sac tissue and in front of the penis on the tummy. Also had some major breakouts under/near the elbows.

Those folded ears can be a problem!! Once you get them cleared up and dried out, maintenance is easy.

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