• The BW, Nika I had used to get bladder infections and the vet attributed it to feeding too much veggies making the bladder environment too alkaline so the bacteria could flourish vs being more acidic so they couldn't. Some people said that doesn't seem right. The RW male I had got a bladder infection once when he was 13-1/2 and at the time I was giving more than the normal amount of fruits and veggies.

  • Intresting theory, we used to give our Basenji Veg with his meat, he wouldn't touch fruit.
    We never ever give our big Dog veg as he has a terrible wind problem 😞

  • Sounds like it makes sense. I guess I was giving them too much. Just wonder if anybody else ran into this. Nika had too many bladder infections. Every time I saw her squatting a lot I thought "oh no not another infection". If they get a bladder infection you'll know if you see them squatting a lot. Then just get a small jar and catch some when they pee and if the urine is cloudy it's probably a bladder infection.

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