• I am with you also Sharron. That was just a comment he was making about how people do not always know everything just because they hunt. I do not want them popular as we all know they do more than hunt. LOL…

    Rita Jean

  • Houston

    What a great story and such a treasured friend..you are lucky.
    I have a friend from Ghana that says they have a lot of dogs like Otis out in the bush..but they bark, so needless to say they aren't pure b's, but so cool still to see them in their environment.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Are we going to see pictures of the new tag along?
    I am dying to see his cute little face..so cool.
    I would love to have one more, but 4 dogs in the house..my husband is up to his limit..me? oh, I could have more..one day..

  • Yes there will be pictures I am asking Ashley right now to get on it. Tag along is not his name we just call him that for now.

    Rita Jean

  • Houston

    Ohh goodie..
    I figure his name wasn't Tag along, but it sure sounds cute.

    a little story..
    Many years ago, 12 to be exact we had a westie puppy, Bogus, about to turn a year when we adopted a three week old lab/chow/dalmation mix puppy..(his mother was run over as the 8 puppies were eating cherrios and whatever this teenage girl was giving them..I felt bad and just had to at least "save" one of them..)Lou.
    Well Lou was tiny, smaller than a 1 pound weight when we got him, so for him to tag a long on Bogus' endeavours he had to hang on to Bogus' tail, i.e he bit it and just held on for the ride..this continued for many years..by now of course the big mutt dog had outgrown the smaller westie by two folds..if not three, yet he kept on hanging on to Bogus' tail when they were running through the house or yard..such a funny sight..
    Both Bogus and Lou passed away a year ago, exactly one month apart..
    Just thought I'd share that since you too have a Tag along now.

  • See if this work's.

    1. Spice and Baby

    2. Jaycee and Baby

    3. Baby sleeping again.

    Rita Jean

  • Houston

    ohh, how darling. I love, love, love the black and white picture..so pretty.
    How old is he? What are you thinking about naming him?
    So exciting..congratulations to all of you two legged and four legged family members.
    Thank you for showing him off.

  • He was born 12-31-09 and I got him on 03-01-10.
    Everyone in the family has a name but I gave the breeder his name after he was born and he knows what is is but the family thinks I have gone crazy. So for another day or two he will be tag along. Thanks he is good we are very happy and Jaycee is in love.

    Rita Jean

  • We know a man from Uganda… says he's never seen a Basenji there- he had no idea they are an African breed. The dogs they have in their villages are large, bark, and are used for protection. He DID guess that the B's must be hunting dogs though, based on size and shape.
    It's all about geography, LOL

  • Oh wow, is there nothing cuter than a sleeping basenji? Oh wait, maybe an awake one? 🙂

  • Love the photos, I look forward to watching him grow up.

  • He's just gorgeous Rita Jean, i love the pics.

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