• Well we had our appt today with Michigan State University. They did a whole bunch of tests, she was there all day with them, but we did not do the ultrasound yet because I didn't have $800 available to do everything. They did a Biochemistry profile, Complete Blood Count, Bile Acid's test, and Leptospire Antibodies test. We got all of the results except the Lepto because that takes a few days. Anyway, it's definitely her liver and we will be doing an ultrasound as soon as I can come up with the $400. They are supposed to call me as soon as they get the lepto results. I also got a sample of a different food (Royal Canin Hepatic LS) which Layla has taken a liking to right away. That was the most I've seen her eat in a week probably. I also got three scripts for her…SAM-E Ursodiol and Lactulose. I called my regular vet and he advised me to wait to fill them until they review the reports which should only be a day or so.

    It's also a possibility they may want to do a liver bioposy after the ultrasound. Although, we don't have a definite diagnosis I was very pleased with the University. I'm hoping to have the ultrasound done within the next week or two...hopefully sooner because they did confirm that it's her liver not functioning properly and not something else causing her liver to malfunction.

  • SAM-E will not hurt her regardless of what else they might find. It helps with the digestion of food.

  • Mike Thistle will also help and not hurt. You can get it in health food stores.

  • Thanks – Do you know where I can get the SAM-E, the university said I can get it at my regular vet but they don't carry it, neither does the local vet in the town I live in. My vet said they carry some liver support supplments at their office too, I think that's why they want me to wait.

    I also checked online and I can only find 400mg and she needs 90mg. I also checked around for the new dog food because the university is about a 1/2 hour away...and a direction I rarely have to go...I called the Pet Supplies Plus in a nearby town we buy our normal dog food at and they are going to try and order it.

    I don't want to get my hopes up with her but I'm looking forward to having a happy dog...I really hope these meds and supplements start making her feel better until we can figure out whats really wrong!!

  • Sam-e can be gotten at Costco or any drug store, same with Milk Thistle, both are good for liver issues.

  • Well - My vet got all her reports and I went to him to get two of the meds. The pharmacy has to special order the other because they only have capsules and she needs 1/4 of a tablet.

    The vet has his own line of meds and the liver support has both SAMe and Milk Thistle along with some other vitamins and stuff. It was a little more expensive then just the SAMe at the health food store.

    Also, just within a day of the new food she has ate more than she has ate in a long time. She isn't burping and her stomach isn't gurgling. She's definitely not 100% but I can already see an inprovement. I also started a Layla journal…to log how much she's eating, relieving herself, energy levels and attitude.

  • Bless your heart for being the wonderful basneji mom you are! Do let us know how its going. We really do care.

  • Well it's been almost 2 months since Layla was diagnosed with her liver issues. She is doing great. She's still on all three meds and probably will be forever. She's gained about 3 lbs and she's a very happy girl. She's used to taking her meds so it's pretty routine now (almost like a treat for her). She's so energetic and is super playful, sometimes too playful….but it's that typical for a basenji. Everyday makes me so happy to come home and see her doing so well.

  • Wonderful news!!! Thanks for the follow-up, so glad she has responded to the meds and food. Good for you for taking such good care of her.

  • Houston

    Great news indeed. So happy to hear that she is doing better.

  • I'm so happy that the treatment and food you are using for her are working so well. You're to be commended for being so diligent for her. Great news!

  • Great news, i'm glad Layla is doing so well. Thanks for the update

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