Who makes martingale collars?

  • I found some fabulous nylon webbing at a craft store today, and would like it made into a martingale collar. Does anybody know anybody who will make custom collars out of material you send them? I seem to remember a Nick Russell (??) who makes collars, but don't know how to get in touch with him.

  • I've always gotten in touch with Nick Russel on Facebook.
    He is in Lexington, KY, so if you search, you should be able to find him. If not, send me a message on facebook, and I can send you to his profile.

    I just recently sent him some HarleyDavidson pink ribbons to make a collar for Aries.
    I ordered the ribbons offline, and just had them delivered to him.


  • Thanks. Just sent him a message.

  • Actually, we went to a fabric store yesterday to look for fabric to make our own collars. I say we, but this will be a Natalie side project.

  • I had to get a very reflective one because we have so much going on at our farm, with Abby being so black and the night gets so dark this time of year. I can't wait to find a fun summer one for her. Please show pics when u get it made. 🙂

  • So I took the dogs out to Fort Pulaski, and one of the guides at the visitor's center recognized the girls as basenjis. Turns out she has aufenpinchsers (geeze I have NO CLUE how to spell that one!), and she goes to shows, etc. She makes martingales, and specializes in small ones because a lot of small hound people (dachshunds, IGs, basenjis, etc) have trouble finding martingales not made for greyhounds. She lives 20 minutes from me, and she is extremely affordable ($20 for 2 martingale collars made from the webbing I bought, which was $3 for 1 1/2 yards!). The bonus is, I can now go to the store, pick out whatever I want, take it to her & get collars made very cheap, and then pick it up as soon as its ready. She said she'd have these ready early next week! How convenient!
    She has a website that does not do her collars justice. I saw them in person today, and they are very well made and very pretty. Here is her contact info if anybody else wants to look into her stuff (I'm sure she could probably make something reflective as well if you found the right material).

    Mary Tilley

  • Sounds perfect!

  • Does anyone know where we can purchase these types of fabric??😕

  • Try Around the Hounds or 2 Hounds Designs - both online.

  • I prefer All Hounds Apparel. I think the website is greathounds.com. Their collars are guaranteed for life even if the dog eats it.


    Does anyone know where we can purchase these types of fabric??😕

    Let me clarify my post. I am looking for this style of "FABRIC" so I can make my own Martingale collars, I do not want to buy finished collars. Thanks.

  • I really like that fabric! Good luck finding it.
    Dolce is going to be stylin' (as if she's not already).

  • Maybe if you look for "ribbon" instead of fabric? In some cases they use ribbon on these collars.

  • Yes the ways those are made is by getting ribbons from a fabric store and sewing them onto a nylon type strap with the buckles sewn in. As I don't have a sewing machine, I really like some of the sites that let you send in your own ribbon to get made into a collar.

  • @Nemo:

    Maybe if you look for "ribbon" instead of fabric? In some cases they use ribbon on these collars.

    Excellent suggestion, I found exactly what I was looking for.


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