• Just question has any one used this collar by Cesar Millan? What do any of you think of this collar just by looking at it? See collar on his website. Never did get answer if he has worked with Basenji or not.

    Rita Jean

  • I have not used it and probably would never use it. It's a type of training collar designed not to slip down onto the neck where the muscle mass is the greatest. Usually, when you pick a type of training collar, they should sit high on the neck, right behind the ears and at the top of the underside of the throat where the muscle is weakest. The trick is to make sure the collar stays there when training your dog. Usually you have to adjust the collar several times-especially on smooth coated dogs, because the collar falls down on the neck. Cesar's collar is (supposedly) designed not to fall down on the neck. If it takes a few seconds to adjust the collar, I will do so rather than using a collar such as this. It doesn't guarantee that you are using the collar correctly or effectively just because of it's design. I would also assume that this type of collar would give you a false sense that you are using it correctly and thereby bolster your confidence that the method you are using to correct you dog is right, but your dog still doesn't listen (and is stupid). If what I said makes sense.

  • I have not used it and can't see that I ever would. This collar is just a modification of a choke chain. It is also not recommended for young dogs nor small dogs nor dogs with narrow necks.

    If you are looking for to for something to help you decrease pulling during walks, there are many other products out there I would use first, gentle leader, easy walk harness, sensation harness, etc.

  • I was not looking just I get email with info every week since I ask if he had ever worked with B's. I happen to see the collar and wanted to know what everyone thought about it. Thank you all for your thoughts. If I was going to get it then it would have been for the Akita.

    Rita Jean

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