They Make Cat Toilets

I was up late one night and saw this on one of those late night infomercials. I couldn't believe my eyes! A self cleaning toilet for you cat! It even flushes.
Here is the link
Here is a link to view the video in speed motion.

OMG…I saw that same infomercial...I couldn't turn it off. I thought of getting it as a gag gift for my friends who have cats...just to see if it works. :eek:

Our last two pups where litter trained….........interesting. Thanks for posting.

Haha. My aunt has a self-cleaning litter box but this is a huge step beyond that, even for her! Maybe I should get it for her…lol :p

Basenji Mix

I'm watching the speed video - is it ever going to end? I feel kind of silly even watching it. LOL

It takes around 30 minutes in real time to clean it. I guess it flushes with real water and then has a dryer to dry the cat litter. Hahaha!

We have tried every self cleaning litter box on the market…but this one just looks to darn complicated.

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