• I have been trying to catch some feral kittens over the last couple of days. I fed them a couple of nights and mornings and set a trap last night. We caught the big papa cat and he is off to the vet to get neutered. I haven't seen the kittens in a couple of days and I'm thinking mama cat might have moved them. Does anybody know how far she might have moved them? I'm setting the trap out again tonight so I was hoping I might get a kitten or two (there were three a couple of days ago).

  • I guess that if you are seeing them that they must be weaned? If not you might catch the moma cat with fish and if you catch her most likely the kittens are within a couple hundred feet of her watching. Good luck was this and thank you for caring enough to do something good for them all! Bless you!

  • I trapped one of the three. We're working on getting the others tonight. Fingers crossed!

  • Good Job! I hope that you can get the other two kittens and maybe their mom, so she won't be in this situation in another few months. Thanks for caring about these little creatures.

  • My neighbor and I had been taking care of a feral mama cat who suddenly disappeared. We knew there were kittens somewhere nearby. We found five hungry 3 week old babies in an old abandoned truck. The kitties were behind the seat. We rescued the kitties, bottle fed them, and rushed them to the vet the next day. All kitties have respiratory infections and are on meds. They were also wormed. Soon, the kitties will have their shots, be "fixed," and the Humane Society will place them for adoption. Mama cat has never been seen; we think she was killed by coyotes.

  • How are you doing on the feral cat trapping - it is hard to do. While we don't live out in the middle of farm country now - we seem to still be the dumping spot for kittens etc. It's easier to catch those that had at least some human contact - but those that have been born and raised feral - are hard to do much with even if you can catch them.

    With my luck I would set a trap and get a skunk instead of a cat! 🙂

  • Houston

    We have alot of feral cats that roam our apartment complex and one who had kittens scared the **** out of my 2 hounds and I, during our walk a few weeks ago. And just now, they saw one and were super cautious around it now, which I'm sure they will associate all cats with now lol

  • One of our most special cats (who is now over the Rainbow Bridge) was a black and white feral female we wound up having for 15 years. We had been feeding Miss Mew and her siblings for about a month. One day, we decided to catch all of them. Miss Mew was the first we caught. She had an eye infection (her eye was bulging) and I used the lack of her peripheral vision to grab her. The others were clever, but we eventually coaxed them into our condo with tuna.

    One of the four cats (the only male) was sickly. We took him to our vet, and after some testing, found out he had Feline Leukemia. Sadly, the best decision was to euthanize him. We were able to find homes for the other 2 girls, but we could just tell Miss Mew was special. About 4 years later, Miss Mew became a surrogate mom to my incredbly special cat Barney, who passed over the Rainbow Bridge last September 25, interestingly enough the same day as Kipawa was born!

    We now believe that Kipawa was heaven sent to us by Barney. The cosmos works in strange and wonderful ways. As the saying goes, "you get what you need". Any animal we have ever had has been what we have needed. And it all started with a feral cat named Miss Mew.

    Hugs to Miss Mew, who is now Barney's mom once again.

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