This makes me furious!!!


Basenji Mix

I'm speechless . . . this is just horrible! I wonder about our own evolution with people in the world that can do this.

I have chills. That is awful. I have to believe in kharma when I read these things…

Hopefully, this will anger folks to the point it will never happen again.
I so hope that is the case.
Poor little critters.

people are heartless and cruel. I can't even come to imagine what goes on in these sick people's mind. Scary that we live in such a world.

Stuff like this just makes me ANGRY! :mad:

Sick, sick, sick! How could anyone do that? All I can think about is how scared those poor animals were and those little trusting eyes looking at the person who was about to throw them off a bridge. There is probably a special place in hell for those types of people!

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