• Hi everyone. Just a quick question. Someone told me that a raw egg once or twice is very good for the coat. Is it true? Im always cautious about raw things especially eggs but could be different with dogs.

  • I don't know anything about eggs in particular, but dogs do eat raw stuff in the wild. Think about what a basenji would eat in Africa… you can guarantee nobody is cooking their catch for them. Lots of people feed raw food and swear by it. I would if I could afford it. Again, I don't know about eggs, but raw meat is what they are designed to eat.

  • Yes, of course, the raw food is good not a problem but not sure about raw eggs.

  • Many feed raw eggs daily. I have fed mine raw eggs, shells and all

  • I occasionally give my Basenjis raw eggs which they love and with no ill effects. My Anatolian Karabash was raised on raw eggs only for the first six months with me. They were the only things that she would eat. They never did her harm and I'm sure saved her life as she just would not eat anything else at all.

  • Never heard anything bad about raw eggs in the diet for Basenjis. However, my older male pukes even at the mention of eggs:(. My younger girl LOVES them, too much. (My loved but chubby one:))

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