How to play with a Giant - a beginners guide

  • 1. You start running at the Giant, the goal is to get hold with your theet at the Giants beard or coat - the more speed the better:

    2. Aaaand attac!

    Then comes the hardest part - getting away if you couldn't get hold of her. Turn back and hide behinds mum's legs an see if she follows. (she usualy does not - I've told her to stay down.)

    And then we go again!

    And when you get thos sharp pointy theeth in her beard - you DO NOT let go:

  • Hahaha.. That second pic! He looks like a little bunny 😃

    It's a good thing miss Giant is so patient 😉

  • It's a good job Kahlo is so patient 😉

  • Oh believe you me, Kahlo enjoys it at least as much as Kasko does. This is the only way she can "bite" him (she is very gentle) without me going in between to save him all the time. I have to save her when he gets her ears or legs, and him if she doesn't let him go if she catch him.

    However - I never leave them alone together - not even for a moment - he is to small.

  • Your big girl is a love what a great girl for still loving the baby even when she getting hair pulled. Love the wrinkles they look so cute together.

    Rita Jean

  • When we had our Dogs, the big one had a lot of loose skin under his chin and the Basenji used to enjoyed hanging on to this and having a good chomp 😃

  • Love the little wrinkle-butt! Looks like Kahlo is having a ball…good to see.

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