Hello from San Diego

Hello. My name is Makeda. I am a 2 year old, red/white Basenji. I was born in AZ and now live in San Diego. My owner's name's are Deron and Lorri. Are there any other Basenji in the San Diego area on here? Anyone ever go to dog beach or any other dog parks to play?

I am in Seattle, but welcome to the forum.

Welcome to the forum. There are some people on the forum in your area. I'm up here in the Bay Area.

Hi there - responded to your other post too. There are quite a lot of basenjis in SD actually.

Our Fiji and Bongo and their BBF Cairo meet at Fiesta Island a few times a week. We often run into Cooper, Baxter, PK, Nesta, Levi, Lily or other basenjis there, sometimes all at once! It's quite a treat to see the whole pack running along the beach or up and down the hills.

Love to see you and Makeda there sometime.


Welcome Makeda, Deron and Lorri..so nice to have all of you here..

Just back from Fiesta Island. We met Nesta and played for quite a while. What a great time. We will definitely be going back a lot!

Is anyone going to Fiesta Island today?

Welcome to the forum

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