• The Basenji Forum web address was posted on another list I belong to and after perusing various threads decided to join. Currently, I have only one Basenji, Ella, an almost 9 year old tri. I used to do a lot of fostering & various rescue help but too many changes in circumstances curtailed that work & reduced my pack to the one B whom I love. Noticed that the San Diego Basenji owners on the list are an active group. Hope we (Ella & me, Lynn) can join in too.

  • Welcome. I love San Diego, have family down there.

  • Welcome to the forum! 🙂

  • Glad you came across us. Welcome!

  • Welcome!

    I look forward to see some photo's of the tri-lady…

  • Welcome to the forum, and we'd love to meet you and Ella at our (usually monthly) San Diego basenji gathering. We've been getting together for 4-5 months and usually have anywhere from 6 to 16 basenjis.

    November has been tricky to schedule with holidays, but I'll post a date soon. We are trying to get a consistent date on the calendar (2nd weekend) and alternate between 2 dog parks - one North, one Central/south. What area are you in?

    If you mail me at mercato <at>littleitalysd <dot>com I'll add you to our list. San Diego Senjis, barooooo!</dot></at>

  • Welcome to the forums, we are on the other side of the country… I have been to San Diego before, but only a short stay. I saw Lake San Marcos, Newport Beach, San Diego, L.A. (I was lucky that there was no smog). I loved the way the roads curved around mountains that dropped right into the sea in some places... just beautiful! 😃

  • Hi Lynn! Welcome to the forum; I think you'll enjoy it!

    Give Ella a hug from us!

    Terry and Bob

  • Welcome to Basenji Forums!

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