Hi from San Diego!


i cannot say that isis (our 😎 is the type of dog that i would have liked to 1st own (she is my husbands dog) but since having her- i find that i am constantly on basenji forums, groups, and anything B!

we've formed a special bound– and i like to brag how well mannered she is:D
my husband moved in with me a little over a yr ago & the dog came as well-- i was a little worried b/c i have 2 cats (they are my babies!) but after a few lessons in B etiquette (cat food ON TOP of the cat post, bathroom door CLOSED) isis & i get along quite well.

can you tell i LOVE MY dog? 😃

She is very pretty! Welcome to the forum 🙂

Isis is beautiful! How old is she? Glad to hear everyone in your family is getting along so well.

she will be 6 this january 🙂

Welcome! She is adorable! Love the pictures…!

Hello and welcome to the forum. Your basenji is gorgeous!!

Where did your hubby get her?
Also, I just got back from a week in San Diego.
Hubby mine and I went to the San Diego wild life park.
Wow, that place was wonderful!
We were there from 9 until 4 and didn't see it all.
Plus you have the weather that b's love!
Lucky you to live in such a wonderful spot.

We are also in San Diego!
We live in Penasquitos.
Isis is very cute! (I might be a little biased, love tris and blacks….)


Welcome to the Forum, and hi from a fellow tri owner! They're the best (<- biased opinion). If you're ever up in the LA area, be sure to come up to Laurel Canyon dog park on a Saturday. We have a group of about 10 B owners who meet there each Saturday morning. ~ Lori

The Z-Pack: Zen, Zoe, and Ziggy

Hey everyone! ty for all the welcomes!
Terry- do you have a B? maybe we can meet up when we dont have our lives in the way!

sharron- there is actually a breeder in the San Diego area (east county- Lakeside area) where my husband (Sanders) got her. Umm.. i Think her name is Lisa and she is well known in B breeder groups (just my obersavtion). she goes to the dog shows with her B's and what not… and the other B owners know who we are talking about when we ask if they have seen Isis's breeder.

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