Extreme makover ala GS

Well, I decided that Kahlo will have to wear a coat if it is going to continue with this cold. Everyone askes if she is a Briard - and just nods and "mhmmm" when I say that she is a Giant Schnauzer - so time for trim.

So we start projekt "Exstrem makeover ala Schnauzer" and every projeckt has a "befor" picture:

However - I didn't finish so we'll have to manage with pictures of the prosess:

One more.. (yes - she does hate me)

And, where is Kasko when Kahlo is getting tortured? Being bad of course. My grooming box had to die…

"whaaat? It was like this, I promise! I just lay here eating someting…"

And next time I turned around:

And after about 4 hours of Kahlo torture:

Still have a couple of hours ahead of me.

As a reward for good behavior Kahlo got a walk of leash - and then som playtime with Kasko:


Never a boring moment with a Giant and a Basenji. 😃

She's now half Briard, half Schnauzer 😃 Sort of Designer dog 😃 😉

Kasko is a true basenji.. 🙂 Very naughty..

Love the pictures!

I had the luck to trim a briard once… great.. I think you will spend as much time with the schnauzer as with a briard 😃 (a long time)

A long time it is… Auch my back. I normally use 4-5 houres - but this time it takes longer since she should have been stripped 2 moths ago. If i had used the clipper instead of handstripping her it would take 2 hours max.

She's so pretty…looks like she went to the beauty shop.

And he's such a scamp!

It's great to see them getting along so well. 🙂

That is a LOT of hair on the floor! I prefer the grooming of the basenji, ha!
And seeing the pup sleeping in your destroyed grooming box…priceless. They look like a good pair of playmates.

Kahlo looks wonderful!
And about Kasko, isn't he a Basenji? :D:D:D


Love the pictures and the comments..Kahlo is looking great and Kasko is simply adorable even in his mischief…

When I had a westie in Sweden (1976-1990) we would have him hand stripped as well, but once I got a westie here in the states, finding a good stripper here was very hard, every groomer here i houston (that I found and interviewed) would use a clipper and just make westies look horrible..hmmm 😢 .
I never did learn how to do it on my own..
Now, with all short haired breeds in the house..grooming is easy..I love that.

Yeah i almost never see american schanuzers handstripped - Don't know why really. Lots of giants gets clipped here to, but Kahlo has to soft an curly coat so I dont want it to get softer and curlier.

Now I have used another hour or so on her - and still have loads left - im just SO glad i decided on basenji as "dog nr 2" I don't think I could handle one more breed that needs grooming.

Can't wait to see the finished Dog Anette

They both just look GREAT together I just love seeing them together. They make a great pair.

Rita Jean

Done! Or at least done enough - som finish is neede here and there - but stil.

And yes - I know I need to clean the fishtank :o

Wow! You did a great job! She looks very "Schnauzer" again! 😃

She looks very pretty, her coat is lovely and shiny

She looks vey handsome 😃


Good job Anette. She looks great.

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