I've had a basenji in my life since my father brought one home to the family in the mid sixties. My present basenji female is a tri-color named "Zulu" (not her registered name, which was given to her by the breeder). I'm not interested in showing dogs but prefer to have a companion basenji.
Zulu is 11 years old, but looks and acts much younger. She caught a squirrel as a 10 year old, when I thought that
her squirrel catching days were over.
She is all basenji in her demeanor, but is the first basenji I've ever had which isn't an escape artist, for which I am most grateful. I continue to be entranced by the basenji personality after all these years.
While studying in Li?ge, Belgium in 2006, I was thrilled to see a red and white basenji walking with its master. I
also saw a very old film made when the Belgians were still in the Congo that had 2 basenjis in the background. I've
since discovered that there are basenji lovers and breeders
in Belgium.
I'm glad to discover the basenji forum!
Joanna Swett

Welcome from the UK. I'm sure you'll enjoy this forum.

We welcome you to the forum. Post some pictures of Zulu.

Welcome Joanna and Zulu, have you any pics 😃

Glad you found us…welcome

Welcome to the forum!

Welcome to our pack! (even if your saints did trounce on our vikings :()


Welcome to the forum Joanna and Zulu, nice to have you here..

Ditto, as in "welcome". we love pics. in case you haven't noticed:).

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