Kennel Aittakankaan (FIN) proudly presents A-litter

Here are my babies (D.O.B. 20th January 2010) in their birthorder:

A. Abrash female

A. Afshar female

A. Ardebil male

A. Arabesk female

A. Abade male

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With love,
Mamma-basenji Ciara


Wow, they are beautiful, congrats..

Awww.. congrats! Tillo's mom is a littersis of Ruben 🙂

Congratulations on your gorgeous litter

They're lovely! Thank you for sharing!


This is the first time for us family, mom and the puppies, so every day is a new day full of experiences!

Ciara & her family

It is very hard to succes with photographing with 5 of the puppies even now.:D

How hard it will be, when they move faster?

Luckily one pic of many tries succeeded a little better:

Ciara's slave Camilla

Congrats on a beautiful litter!

Congrats on your beautiful puppies.

Congrats on the beautiful litter and welcome to the forum!

Puppies had today their 1 week birthday.

Boys 1 week old:

Girls 1 week old:

And here is Ciara's "puppy" (right) from last year and puppy (left) from this year 😃

lol…this pic with the lil baby B keeled over on it's back just cracks me up. Very cute litter and congrats!

Yes i love this pic also, the upside down baby is so cute.
Happy 1 week birthday Puppies


Absolutely adorable, thanks for sharing..

They all are so cute great pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Rita Jean

Are the boys already trying to shred toys? Love the pics…keep them coming as the babies grow!


Are the boys already trying to shred toys?

They only push the toys, because they don't have any teeths, yet (1 week old). But I have prepared a lot of toys to shred, when they'll became older 🙂

New pics next week.

My children has opened their eyes (2 weeks old) and looks like this now:

A. Abrash girl

A. Afshar girl

A. Ardebil boy

A. Arabesk girl

A. Abade boy

If they continue to grow so fast as they have since birth, they soon are all bigger than me!


They are all very cute, thanks for the update

All I can say is….Awwww, they are so-o-o cute!:)

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