Proud Papa

Hello everyone!!
We are a proud owner of our Basenji who's name is Captain Jack he is 7 months old now and we are learning new things daily about this breed of dog and enjoying every bit of it!

Hello and welcome. Captain Jack is certainly a cutie!!

Welcome. he is very handsome. We have another capt. Jack on here.

How adorable! Do you have more current pics to post?? We love pictures here 😃


How adorable! Do you have more current pics to post?? We love pictures here 😃

Yes more pics.:D Very cute indeed, he looks like a saddle like our Cleo….more pics!:D

I have never seen a saddle on a basenji before and another Capt Jack to boot!

Oh! He's so cute! I love the saddle! Welcome…this site is lots of fun. Enjoy...oh yes, more pictures please!

My Sophie's grand dad, Avongara Grease of Brushy Run is a saddled brindle.

i dont think im posting these pics correctly

Hi DonFiori,

Welcome to Basenji Forums!

Please use the resize option on imageshack to resize the image to 640x480. Your images are too big to display correctly on these forums.

well i see admin fixed it but i just posted a bunch in my members gallery place check them out bout 10 i think

Thanks admin

The pictures are adorable! He is so cute…can you come to VT and tile my floors too??

you probalby wouldnt want me to do that my floor is not the best and i chose the smallest room in the house to try my hand at tile lol not perfection I will promise u that

WElCOME!! And what cute furby you have 😃

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