The Truck Saga Continues…

  • AJ was getting very bored at the motel…he drove me nuts pacing and he apparently wasn't able to get comfortable. He would lie down for a few minutes, stand up, turn around a few times, lie down again, stand up, shake, move to a different spot and repeat the above. He was ready to get out of there.

    We are finally back in our own truck, but just for the night. AJ's sleeping soundly on the passenger seat right now.

    Here's the story: It took Detroit Diesel almost two weeks to get the parts to fix the motor. They finally had that done today, but when I went to pick up my truck, there was damage to the hood bracket. It was broken clean off at both ends. :eek: The only way that can happen is overextension…letting the hood drop open without controlling its speed or leaning/falling against it from the inside while it's open. It's a forward-opening hood-like an older BMW.

    I stayed around the shop for a few hours before they decided I could take it to Prime and have them see whether they could fix it. Turns out I might need a new HOOD! The bracket runs the entire width of the hood and is spot-welded in place behind the grill. Right now, the only things holding the hood on are the hydraulic "shock absorbers" and the latches. If I hit a bump too hard, the hood is likely to fly off. So I have to go into a "loaner" truck until it can be fixed. It won't even be looked at by the body guy until probably Tuesday because of MLK Day. GRRRRRRR!!!!!:mad:

    Going into a loaner truck means moving a bunch of my junk, signing a pile of paperwork, living for however long it takes to fix the hood without three-fourths of my stuff and driving someone else's ugly pinky-purple truck. Ugh! :rolleyes: Maybe I'll have to slim down enough to wear a bathing suit while I'm driving so I can look like the "pro" who should be in such a vehicle. I'll have to remember to wear tons of makeup.

    Hopefully I get my truck back in good order when they finish with this fiasco.

    Hope your year is going better than mine so far.


  • Yikes! Sometimes a year starts off bad then turns out good. Let's hope this is the case for you. AJ senses your frustration and so the restlessness in the motel. Was it a decent area around the motel to take AJ for walks? Buddy and I surely hope you get your truck back quick and get on the road.

  • Houston about bad luck. I sure hope both of you will be on the road sometime early next week..
    How did the damage to the hood happen? By the shop where they were fixin' it? Either way it sucks…

  • Hope your both back in your own truck soon Belinda

  • @Basenjimamma: about bad luck. I sure hope both of you will be on the road sometime early next week..
    How did the damage to the hood happen? By the shop where they were fixin' it? Either way it sucks…

    The shop where the engine repair was being done was where it was damaged. Just finished checking out the pinky-purple truck. Goodness! The guy who was in it was a PIG! And I thought MY truck was trashed!

    I should be back on the road tomorrow or Monday. I don't know how long it will take to fix this one. I will miss my pretty girl…

    Editing to add photos. The first three are the damage done to the hood bracket (I didn't think it was necessary to post additional photos of my cracked and scratched bumper: also a result of the repairman) The last one is the window of the truck I'm temporarily going to be in. I was photographing existing damage so the company can't blame me for it when I turn it back in to them. I just wanted to show the color of it....YEEG! :eek:

  • wow… the mauve-mobile...
    I don't know what else to say...
    you could use the spray on mud to cover it...

  • It already has mud and road salt all over it. I'm actually kind of afraid to wash it….:D

  • Don't do it Belinda, don't do it !!!!!!!:D

  • Shazbot!!! The rain washed most of the mud off! :p

  • Hey Belinda it could be a Barbie truck 😃

  • @thunderbird8588:

    Hey Belinda it could be a Barbie truck 😃

    "I'm a Barbie girl, in the Barbie world…." -Aqua

    You sayin' this should be my new theme song? :eek: NOT!!!:p

    Actually, I got some good news today. The folks who broke my truck appear to have fixed it and without having to replace the whole hood. After a few minor other things, I should have my pretty blue baby back and better than ever. I'm so excited! :D:D:D:D

  • Great news. Maybe we can get back to some good old "where's AJ"?

  • I kind of slowed down on doing that because I thought there was a lack of interest…but I can start it up again if folks want me to....

    What d'ya think? Should we take a poll?

  • First Basenji's

    my vote…..


  • We always love the pics you take in the different places you go. And we do learn new things.

  • Houston

    I am in..I like the history lesson:) and I love the pictures…

  • Oh yeah - and I too like the history part and the pictures.

  • Great news Belinda, Wheres AJ is good but i never guess as i'm rubbish at geography 😞

  • We have our own truck back….Yay!! Even AJ was so happy he yodeled a couple times.

    The consensus seems to be to continue with Where's there will be another soon.

    See y'all down the road...


  • Great stuff Belinda, i'm pleased for you and AJ

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