Our Walk in the Snow This Morning

Just some pictures taken on my phone during our walk this morning.

Crazy Riley first.. It was freezing cold and icy and look what he did!!! :eek:

And Maya and Riley in the distance playing:



Riley and Maya

My favourite picture - Lilah attacking snowballs!

And Maya doing the same

On the way home


Great pictures. I bet they were pooped after this outing. Riley is a typical lab..water, got to get in it..

Riley just loves to swim. That water was so disgusting though, he stank when he came out! He is now in the kitchen (tiled floor instead of carpet!!) drying after a bath. Delilah and Maya are both fast asleep on the sofa next to me though, they certainly enjoyed their walk. It was a new one i found leading off our dog park and it was about 1 and half hours walk so a really good run for them, completely off lead so great for the dogs!

Great pics Jess they certainly look like they had fun:D Thankfully it is starting to thaw a bit here now so might be able to do some proper investigating of the walks round here.

Lovely snowy pics Jess, love the one of Riley starting to have a roll in the snow.
Do you live near a proper Dog park?

I will miss the snow when it disappears 😞

Yes, we do live near a dog park, its right behind my house 🙂 And we're surrounded by hundreds of acres of farmland so its ideal for the dogs!

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