• I was wondering if anyone has successfully trained a Basenji to be a good Frisbee Dog as i believe they have all the aspects (providing you could keep their attention long enough lol) to be a great Frisbee Dog and maybe even put most the traditional breeds to shame if they were to be interested enough…

    What do you folks think?????


  • There may be a few that might get into frisbees, but in my experience, as all things Basenji… they bore to easily..... and I do not know of anyone that has trained a frisbee Basenji

  • My thinking is you need a cattle dog or such to do that type of play.

  • Actually, I don't know why not. Zest will bring my my slippers (if she knows where they are AND I have food). I'd start with a soft frisbee (not hard plastic).

  • I've had a short try with Tillo and he (and I) really enjoyed it! So I believe they could be good frisbee dogs! (Too bad we haven't got time for it at the moment..)

  • hi thanks for the comment i see we have mixexd views i supose it depends on the dog as well ay? i just know if you could get them into to it that they could make amazing frisbee dog just be a bit more challenaging to keep the interest…. worth ago when i my B see what happens

  • when zoe was a puppy she would chase and bring the frisbee back. But now if I throw it she might run after it but as soon as it stops moving its no longer of interest. Maybe if I attached food to it she would go after it but I doubt she would bring it back much.

  • We've got Paco fetching tennis balls. It took a while for him to get to the point of bringing it back, and if he gets tired sometimes instead of bringing it back he'll take it somewhere else and lie down to chew on it, but maybe if you had lots and lots of treats…?

  • Kipawa has a soft frisbee. However, he does not catch it in mid-air. He simply retrieves it when it lands. Oh, and he also chews the heck out of it! 🙂

  • Butu looks at me as if I'm crazy if I throw a frisbee. It is on the floor at the moment and he hasn't even chewed it…not for him, I feel.

  • Nicky really loves frisbees, as chew-toys.

  • @MacPack:

    Nicky really loves frisbees, as chew-toys.

    LOL, our neighbors have two Aussies. They play frisbee all the time with those two…. day before yesterday I came home and in the dog room was a really, really chewed up frisbee type "flying ring" toy.... LOL... must have come over the fence... Oh well... hope they didn't think they would get it back

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