This is my 100th post!

Well, this is my 100th post, and what better to post than the pics of the pups… I even went out to the back yard with a bunch of treats and a camera, when it was nice, warm and sunny. Well, the "photoshoot" turned into a massive begging attack. As all of you well know (hehe) it's nearly impossible to get more than one creature to pose and stay still when there's food involved (at least that's the case with mine). The way they act you'd think they haven't been fed for weeks and weeks, when just got a huge bowl of food each about 3 hours ago. Some pics came out good though. Here they are!

This is Busya the boxer pup (14 months old) begging for treats even before I came out of the house.

Continuing to beg outside… although this is one of her best pics ever!

Lana, sitting pretty.

Mishka the akita and Lana together. Mishka is smiling!

Finally, I caught all three!

Lovely pics, you have 3 lovely Dogs

what a pretty smile on that akita - the others look so serious, nice looking, but serious

You can see the wiggle-butt just waiting to explode on your boxer. She is adorable. They are all adorable.


Happy 100th post! Great pics of your group.

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