Nutro and itching

I fed Nutro Natural Choice for years with excellent results then the company started to have recalls. I switched to a different brand for a long time and recently decided to give it another try. I switched back to Nutro a few weeks ago. Three of my dogs have been itchy and scratching bald spots in their coats. I coudn't figure out the reason until I discovered today that Nutro Natural Choice now has soybean oil in it. Soy is a known allergen and I suspect it is the cause of my itchy dogs.

Does anyone else here feed Nutro and if so, are your dogs itchy?

I'm feeding Nutro right now and no sign of itchiness….

Yes, I went from Innova to Natural Choice…itchy...going back to Innova now....

Mine have been on Nutro for years, usually not a problem. I do have the heat on now though (brrr) and they are itching, I think, because they like to stand on top of the heaters and dry out their skin! No reaction from the food though, I don't think.

I took down my 55 gallon aquarium a few months ago and since then it has been really dry in the house. I thought at first that may be the reason for the itching but I am leaning towards the food now. I'll try changing brands to something without soybean oil in it and if their itching stops, I will know it's the food. If the itching continues then it may very well be the dry air in the house.

Robyn, our house is super dry too…but the itching started towards the end of summer, when it wouldn't have been so dry....

Update: As soon as I switched the dogs to a different brand the itching stopped and the hair has started to grow back. I think it is safe to say they were allergic to something in the food. I was also feeding the puppies Nutro Natural Choice puppy food and although they had gorgeous coats they just weren't doing very well on it. I will never use nor recommend this brand of food again.

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