If you've never been lure coursing…

  • …this is what it's like most of the time. It's coursing followed by alot of down time.

    Mark (MDSPHOTO) took these pictures when he and Natalie visited us one weekend at lure coursing. We like the photos so much we wanted to share them.

  • Nice pics! I'm always amazing at lure coursing event at all of the different shade-making equipment that people rig up between covering their cars in shiney blankets and putting up tents, etc. And this reminds me that I need to remember to order Zoni's coursing blankets, only about 6 more months until she starts coursing. Yippee!

  • Houston

    very nice pictures..boy Zip and Riley are so pretty..and look like pro's out there..

  • My kudos to your photographer, though he needs to work on his action shots for better focus. I burned CDs for you guys of all the shots I took that day so maybe we can arrange a meet-up over the holidays to get them to you.

  • They both look great and pictures are nice thank you for sharing.

    Rita Jean

  • great photos, they certainly are having fun, let us know of any winter/spring trials in Ga, I think midwest ASFA is going to be hard to find next yr.

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