Rocco is RBPIS today!

We went to Border County Hounds today and Rocco was Reserve Best Puppy In Show đŸ˜ƒ under Keith Thornton. He was beaten by an absolutely stunning 8 m/o Greyhound which came 3rd for Best In Show (so I can live with that, lol! đŸ˜ƒ :p). x


Awesome good to hear..Are there any pictures?

Well done Victoria and Rocco:D


Awesome good to hear..Are there any pictures?

I'm afraid not :(.

Well done Rocco (you too Victoria).

Theresa x

Well done Rocco and Victoria đŸ™‚ Great result đŸ™‚

Great news, well done Victoria & Rocco.

We will both be celebrating our wins tonight!


Great result…congratulations!!!

Well done the boy! and you too of course Victoria.

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