Rocco Pics

Here are some of our recient pics of Rocco


Here is the other set.


Very cute…where did you get your boy from?

Very cute! Thanks for sharing!

Rocco is quite the cutie.

Rocco is from Sadiki Basenjis.

Love the pictures, they have to be in the middle of everything don't they. Noticed how he is watching whoever is working on the window, my husband always has a companion when he is working in the house, Sahara has gotten paint on her ears from being so nosey, haha!!!!!

So cute that little tri guy 😃 And I LOVE his tails 😃

Ahhh he's so cute! I want a Tri now!!! :p

Very cute! Love the last photo of him shredding paper! 😃


Very cute! Love the last photo of him shredding paper! 😃

If nothing else, we tend to keep the house a little cleaner now…bills promptly filled away, coats hung up, etc!

Funny story that just happened with him. We took him to puppy class the other night and we had to all get up in front of the class and demonstrate our progress we had been making on loose lead walking (just the precursor behaviors). Well, Rocco did great! but on our way back to our spot in the ring, he totaly stoped and looked to his left to check himself out in the floor to ceiling mirrors on the wall. He thinks he's cute too!

He did it again later during puppy play. Mid chase, came to a screeching halt to check himself out! So far he as been the only puppy to pay attention to the mirrors.

Roscoe does that also. I have a mirrored closet door and he will see himself in the mirror. He'll sit and stare at himself and sometimes reach out a paw and try to touch himself. I think he thinks there's another basenji looking at him.

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