• Here are the newest pictures of Rocco at the pool. This time he was quite happy to be on the float. Although no pictures, he did swim a little (3 times from the float to the steps). Our goal is to have a Kayaking Basenji before the end of summer!

    Ahhh, the power of peanut butter!

    Right before he decided to swim to the edge.

  • TOO Cute. I could never get Jack to get in the water. But once we went out on a kayak and Jack went with us and had NO idea what was going on and he was sitting on the side watching the water go by and all the sudden he just JUMPED IN!!! He had no idea it was water and i freaked him out. It was TOO funny!!!!! I miss that for sure!!

  • It is always good that they learn to swim to the stairs when you have a pool… but LOVE him in the floating chair..... that is a total "spoiled" Basenji

  • Impressive - how did he handle the swaying?

  • that last picture is too funny! 😃
    Mirtillo would hate me forever if I would do this to him 😃 😃

  • He's such a handsome boy!

    We got Dallas a life jacket & took him to the river. He too swam but would get out if we let him. Haha. Let me know if you get little Rocco used to it!

  • Yes he is spoiled!


    Impressive - how did he handle the swaying?

    The first few sessions I made sure that it did not sway much, just wanted to get him used to being on the float. The day we took these pictures he had been on the float at the steps a few times. I was making it sway a number of times to get him used to it, he did very well.

    We are planning on getting a life jacket, looking at the Ruff Wear, is that what you have NinaBeana?

  • Wow - what a nice pool you have! I want to jump right in. Anyway - it's great that Rocco has his options there. Lucky pup!

  • Thanks! We will keep you posted on the pool and life vest!

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