• Have had dogs 8mos and they just started marking in the house.
    We got them thru BRAT, they were puppy mill dogs…so they have had no puppyhood...
    We kept them in an exercise pen during the day while at work... until the weather warmed up in June and moved them to a sum room which was half carpet/half tile. It also had many windows they could look out.

    They did fine, having only one accident when one was ill. Now that its turned cold we moved them into a carpeted play room with window too high to see out of and they mark all day, not large spots, just small 'piddles', but the room smells awful.

    I believe the previous owners also kept a dog there, but that was many years ago... could it be that they are marking the old dogs scent in the carpet pad...

    Once home, they NEVER piddle in the house... we want to redo the play room, but not if its just going to get ruined.
    They're good dogs, just not in the play room...
    Any help out there!?!?! 😕:mad::eek:

  • IMO yes other dogs smell were other dogs have been. They have no email but they sure do have pmail. Years ago or not they smell it.

    Rita Jean

  • They also could be reacting to dogs or other animals they are seeing outside while you are not home.

  • Have you considered remedial crate training?

  • Houston

    I would work on crate training and also maybe see if you can neutralize any left over p-mail in the carpet or even wood flooring underneath. Dogs have a amazing nose, and can smell things that are way old..
    Normal steam cleaning the carpet will not do, you need to clean deeper and neutralize the smell, with either plain vinegar, diluted, or a hydrogen peroxide type home remedy (google for recipes) or Nature's Miracle or any product like that.
    Are they both doing this or is it just one, maybe one of them has urinary infection or the like.

  • And if you are going to re-do the room, by taking up the carpet and the subfloor you can rid of old smells and maybe consider something other then carpet for the floor….

    I agree with "crate training"..... and here is another thought... could you put something high enough they could get on and look out the windows? I use crates that mine can get in or "on" that are window level

  • Welcome to my world…my new male Basenji started marking when he walked in the house and then my Rocky boy decides he needs to mark too. I've been walking around with a spray bottle of Simple Green and rags - not to mention yelling, "Go outside to pee!" a lot. Finally, today the p***ing contest stopped. Whew. (I didn't mention I have four females and one foster female who is not spayed!)

    Watch the vinegar, I used it and the carpet smells like a salad when the air is humid. Yuck. I've been steaming with simple green, then rinsing well with water and 1 cup of Febreze Concentrated Fabric Freshner. I buy it in the gallon size.

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