Question about accurate Basenji markings

  • We purchased a tri color Basenji puppy from a breeder in a neighboring state. The original pictures showed him from a certain angle. After paying and arranging transportation, I noticed that in one picture, he appeared to have white on his lower back and bum. We are getting him in about an hour,so I will be able to see better then.
    What I am wondering is if this is a marking that a full Basenji might have or an indicator of him not being pure bred. He has the facial and feet markings. I have never seen a Basenji with a back that wasn't one solid color.
    I don't intend to show him. I just don't want to feel that I paid for a pure bred dog if he is not.

  • Can you post a picture? There is no DQ for markings...... Some can have white in large areas, but usually you find that in the front and part of a white collar. Who is the breeder or sire/dam (registered names).... Is the pup AKC registered? Did you check out the sire/dam both for their pedigree and health?

  • Hi,

    Did you get confirmation if he or she is a pure breed, this is something the breeder should confirm and is the Basenji KC registered?

    To understand properly I would need to see a picture. There are no definite markings but I agree with the above, the front half is solid white usually.

  • Photos ? There are many, many Basenjis with less than perfect colour distribution - some have far too much white for my taste as a judge, but colour shouldn't cloud judgement on an otherwise well constructed, true moving Basenji which conforms to the Standard. I would doubt that the colour is indicative of 'mixed blood' but would be interested to know the breeding - who are Mom and Dad ?

  • Registration papers should be proof, but without DNA confirmation one can never be positive. I know a breeder (in another breed) who was getting old and a bit confused and I am sure some of her pups' parents were not accurately attributed, but the pups were purebred, just possibly from different sire. Coat colour can vary tremendously and it's more likely when it isn't a disqualification in the breed. If you are buying a dog described as purebred then there should be registration papers given to you. A DNA test should tell you whether the dog is Basenji or mixed with something else, if you really want to know.

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