• After hearing the news of the crimes committed today at FT Hood, I can only sit here stunned. Of course, my thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families. I have my own speculations as to the cause of this violence, but I will keep them to myself so as not to create discord.

    This is an example of the perils our fighting men and women face in order to protect our liberty. May the victims and families find peace.

  • Yes, its awful isn't it.
    Seems to be happening more and more.

  • Houston

    I am actually in shock.. I didn't know until I saw your thread, of course I had to check the news and oh my –--. What is going on in the world? I don't understand..

  • I didn't know either - I haven't had the news on all day!
    Absolutely sickening and shocking. Heartbreaking.
    AJ's Human, I agree.

    I'll pray for the poor families who lost loved ones and for those who are injured.

  • Absolutely terrible, what is the world coming to 😞

  • We have a cousin stationed there now. He just returned from a year in Iraq. He is safe, PTL. Prayers to all.

  • Thank goodness your cousin is safe, you wouls think that Iraq would of been more dangerous than the base he returned to

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