• Not having much luck with our pets at the moment.
    We had to take Our Cat Tom to the vets this evening. Both our cats have something wrong with their hind legs, thay have a weakness that the vet thinks is neurological.
    Last night Tom seemed hypersensitive on his back and started scratching whilst franticaly licking his forpaws, he then rolled over whilst yowling, he has done this once before and i dont think its a fit.
    Today he was lying on the back lawn which is unusual for him unless its blazing hot. It was in fact a bit chilly. I went to check him out and examined his mouth. He has an infection in his gum were he's lost a tooth.
    Off to the vets we go and he ends up having his anal glands cleaned out as well as his mouth examined.
    He's a realy good cat and didn't offer to bite. However he did become stressed and lay down panting. I have to say we were realy worried after what happened to Max.
    He's fine now and on antibiotics. He's booked in for a dental on Friday.

  • Tom is very handsome so happy he is all right. Love those antibiotics wish you the best on Friday. Let us know how it goes.

    Rita Jean

  • Bad teeth and infected gums can really make us all sick. He probably has a high fever too.

  • Houston

    Poor Tom Tabby..
    I am glad you got him looked over though and have some follow up dentals to be done..
    Hopefully he will be back to his good ole' self before you know it…

  • Oh Poor tom…

    Cats always have many problems with their teeth, I brush the teeth of our 5 year old cat Spaiky and he hasn't got any dental problems so far..
    But I think you have to learn a cat that when he is still a kitten..

  • Thank you for your replies,Kim you are right about getting them used to having their teeth cleaned as kittens, ours are not keen on you even opening their mouths. The vet did say that the rest of his teeth don't look too bad so fingers crossed.
    He probs does have a temperature and that was probably lying on the cool grass.
    Managing to get him to take his antibiotics in a lump of cheese 🙂

  • hope he's feeling better soon Shelley - both my siamese cats have lost most of their teeth (1 aged 15, one 13) but they can still crunch up their food no problem.

    I always think cats are more difficult than dogs to deal with then they are ill - well Siamese are anyway!

  • I agree Scott, i think cats are probs more difficult than dogs, not sure about Basenjis though 😃
    I thought of you when we were going to the vets and what you had said about your cat scratching you in the car.I turned the carrier away from Howard who was driving but wasn't bright enough to protect myself and he reached through and scratched my stomach 😮

  • Hope Tom is feeling better, and good luck on the teeth appointment on Friday. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow as my older guy Tyler also has dental scheduled for Friday.

  • Tom is at the vets now, he was quite chilled in his carrier, lying down and purring.
    Dawn i hope Tyler goes on alright with his dental

  • Thanks Shelly. Ty is doing great. He actually bounced back better this time than last time. Of course he's on pain and antibiotic preventative doses, but he's eating a little, peeing regular, and not at all grumpy. (Good drugs???:D)

    I was thinking of you today and hoping Tom was having a good and restful day after dental.

    Funny thing, after the relaxer shot and the panel draw, Vet Laurie did a cursory body check and Ty also had an anal gland that needed cleaning today. We seem to have an anal/oral parallel universe going on here.:)

    Keep us informed on Tom. Fond thoughts to you and Tom from me, my Ty and Kate.

  • Houston

    Glad to hear that Ty and Tom took to the vet visit OK. I have cats for many years and all my cats hates to visit the vet period, especially for oral or anal care..

  • Hey folks with cats with teeth problems - that same DentaTreat that I am a big fan of for my dogs - can be also used on cats - and works just as fast and just as well.

    It's made by Wysong - not cheap but cheaper than the vet!

  • Thank you to every one re your messages and Tom.
    Now for an update, he had an abcess in his gum where he had lost part of a tooth, this has been removed along with another cracked tooth, the rest have been cleaned.He has been diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism during his pre surgery blood test which is a bit of a sickener. He is now on tablets for this as well as antibiotics. He will need frequent checkups and blood tests untill he is stabalised. Apparently the condition can cause muscle weakness so it will be interesting to see if his legs improve.
    Dawn i am glad Ty is ok, fancy him having to have both ends done as well 🙂
    Apparently the nurse was thrilled by the amount she got from Toms anal glands 😃
    Diane thanks for the info re dentatreat

  • Houston

    I am glad Tom is doing better..poor baby.

  • Thank you for update on Tom hopeful in next few days he will get back to normal. Time and good Med's

    Rita Jean

  • Tom is still having problems. He has twice developed an infection in the socket where his tooth has been removed and been very poorly on both occasions. He has been prescribed a two week course of antibiotics which have helped in the fact that he appears to be his normal self, eating, drinking, happy etc.However when i checked the tooth socket i can still see what looks like infection and i am concerned that when he finishes the antibiotics the infection will take hold again. Have spoken to the vet who has told me its possible Tom will need another op to see if thay haven't removed enough necrotic bone. I have asked for a longer course of antibiotics to give it another chance, he has also suggested some mouthwash to put in his drinking water.
    Tom is 13 and we are trying to avoid another op, i just wondered if anyone elase had a similar experience or any suggestions. I am at my wits end to be honest and feel so disopointed for him :(:(:(

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