Pics, I like most

Great pictures, thanks!

Beautiful pictures… B's are great!!!

The puppy pics make me want to have another B!! 😃

Those 2-day old ears are too cute!! Thanks for sharing!

Wonderful pictures – I too like the "taking in the sunshine" picture. But there are others I like just as well.

So - I'll go on now 🙂

Don't desturb! Wanna sleep…

Zuri on the race-track:

During a speciality

And "in training" 😉

Enjoying the sun, again 🙂

Tried to hide herself

"Can't you stop taking pics of me?"

Try to hide again 😃

Waiting for someone

Upside down


Or ice-princess?

Yes - and then Thabo moved in 🙂

4 days old and it was clear "That's OUR Boy!"

Hands up!


Opened his eyes :o

Brothers 🙂

Happy Dani again :p

Thabos brother - guess? - chewing

Another brother-beast 😃

Thabo: "Can I eat this?"

"Give it to me!"



Sitting around

My cutie - putting his little paw into our hands 🙂

… tomorrow more ... 😃


Lovely pictures…I adore puppy pictures, thank you so much for sharing..

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