• Hello,

    I am looking for a family pet. In addition to reading about basenji's online, I would like to talk to people too.

    My wife and I want to get a pet, and we like what we have read about the Basenji's. But I have some concerns about getting this type of dog with our family. We have five young children (ages 5 years, 4 years, 3 years, 1.5 years and a 4 month old). We think that we will wait a year before we get a pet, but we want to do the homework now.

    We read the Basenji's are good for people with allergies. My wife and my 4 year old seems to have some mild allergy to animals. My wife had a pet cat as a kid, so she can live with it, but we want to minimize that problem.

    I am also wondering if Basenji's are good with children? Can they be trusted to play with kids? I know that any animal (or human) will not play nicely if mistreated, but what about if they are treated nicely?

    My wife likes cats, I read that Basenji's sometimes act like cats, is that true? If so how? Also, do Basenji's like to be with people (i.e. will it walk with me, and will it like to play with toys, will it want to sit on my lap)?

    I hope to speak to some people here about their experiences.

    Have a good day,

  • Corey:
    Welcome to the forum!
    Bauna just posted this today in Show off your Dog:

  • Welcome and great your doing your homework first. Great place to come and ask questions and answers you shall receive.
    I am going to start with Walk YES,YES love it and they need it. There is a saying on here that a tried Basenji is a good Basenji. We got our girl in March been great very neat, cool, fun dogs. I do have to say it is there way usually now not always there way in most things. Very loving ours is I think some of it the way a dog acts depends on the family. Plays with toys our sure does and seems like we are getting new ones all time they will unstuff and unsew there toys.
    Sit on your lap as soon as my husband sits down she is right beside him and on him Jaycee sits on my lap sometimes.
    Clean like a cat and I think when watching he,r she moves like a cat and runs like a deer with grace.
    Kids need to me made to love a puppy not to hurt or tease. There is one family on here that has a new baby and the dog's are all over it loving it and watching over him great.
    I will say that I do not think that Basenjis are for everyone they can and will get into things and I mean things they can and might eat your furniture or carpet. Open cabinets and get into things and get into trash they are not for sure a lab. I just used Lab as rule they are easy to train a Basenji can be taught puppy school good and love time and CRATE/KENNEL. Good they be put into a kennel when not at home and cannot watch them or be with them. I could go on but time for someone else to clue in.
    I wish you and your family the best of luck and keep us up to date on the puppy hunt.

    Rita Jean

  • Guess it didn't copy over. Look for Chafuko as Bodyguard in Show off your Dog.

    My boy is really great with kids and gentle with babies. Sounds like you have a wonderful family.

  • Hi Corey welcome to the forum.
    You are wise to research before getting a pet. Basenjis are wonderful dogs but definately a challenge. They have their own minds and wont just do something to please you , they need something to be in it for them 😃
    They are supposed to get on well with kids that treat them well although i can't comment as my boys were quite old when i got Benji.
    As a rule Basenjis like to be up on the furniture cuddling next to their owners. They do shed hair but not as much as some breeds so be careful about allergies.They enjoy walks but cannot safely be let off a lead unless in an enclosed area, in my experience they are not reliable at coming back. Mine came back when he was ready, not when i wanted him to.
    Thay like to keep clean like cats and will usualy avoid puddles, mud etc. They also wash their faces like cats.
    Thay are usualy playful and like to use their paws to play but beware they also like to unstuff toys 😃
    As i have said they are fantastic dogs but you need to be very commited to putting a lot of hard work into them.

  • I think your best bet with the children is get a puppy and raise it with your family. Some adult rescues can be a little on the snippy side, especially with kids. There are some really great breeders in Canada and Northern US.

  • Hi Corey,

    Nice to see you are researching prior to getting a dog.
    That can help minimize any misconceptions with the breed,
    as well as any future problems you may encounter.
    How far are you from Drumheller?
    Email me at bennyburnerbono at aol dot com.
    I can put you in touch with some folks so you can go visit them and their basenjis.

  • Houston

    Sounds like you got great advice already, I just wanted to wish good luck in your search and welcome to the forum.
    I have a 9 mo old basenji, Otis, with a 4 yr old boy and a 9 yr old daughter. It works great, so long as my kids show him respect and vice versa..iHe tries to boss them , but they stand their ground, so the pack order is humans then dogs…then potentially the cat..

  • Welcome to the forum!!!

    We just had a little son Ryan, our two Basenji's and Ibizan lady are crazy about him…
    As a parent you just have to be carefull and learn de dogs and the kids they need to have respect for eachother...
    It's going very weel at our place!
    Our oldest Basenji (3 years) is a service dog also, he helps children and older people with fear of dogs. So I think you can say, a basenji can be very good with children, you just have to teach them the good things.

    I have a animal allergy too, aside of my medication I don't have much trouble with the Basenji's. No trouble at all I think but we have a "normal" dog, a cat, birds and a rat too it's hard to say if I don't react to the basenji's at all.

  • Welcome and hope you find the right pup. As others have said you're starting off well by doing your research. The questions you've asked are good ones and you've gotten some good answers.

    And even though you've said you've read about the breed … have you truly considerded the unasked questions ...

    How much time are you willing to spend training/bonding with your dog? Training is very important with basenjis as they tend to do want they want when they want. They are very intelligent and can figure out ways to get what they want if you ignore them. But by the same measure dogs don't generally understand english (or any human language) and have to be taught what it is we want of them. And they are not the same companion as a lab or retriever.

    Are you willing to put up with an occasional chewed piece of clothing or toy; a stolen steak; toilet paper strewn all over; maybe a hole in the couch? Basenjis can be destructive if left alone without stimulation.

    What kind of exercise area do you have - a fenced yard perhaps? Are there holes/spaces for the dog to escape? Will the children know to be careful opening the house door so the dog doesn't escape out? Basenjis are the houdini of the dog world.

    Are you willing to put up with a natural hunter? Many of our basenjis are known to catch and eat (:eek:) a rabbit/chipmunk/bird. Are you okay with that?

    But most important of all ... have you been in touch with a reputable breeder? S/he can answer all your questions (well almost all :)) and pair you up with the right pup or adult to match your situations. Ask if the pup/dog is a digger or jumper. Ask about health issues (there's a couple of serious ones with this breed) and training tips on house-training. I personally would not advise getting a basenji from anyone else if this is your first dog.

    And be prepared to give your heart away to a four-legged fur-clad beastie 😃

  • Houston

    Very good advice…+1

  • Basenjimamma:

    You know the cat is the pack Alpha. Cats don't have owners. They have staff. 😃

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