Rescue Advice -Eskis in Decatur GA

Miss an hour, miss a lot…:eek: 😉


On another note, just last night we saw a tv show about a woman who started a rehab program for female inmates and dogs at her local prison. The inmates took full responsibility for the dogs and were required to take classes in order to learn how to properly care, and learn the proper menthods and procedures for rehabilitating the particular dog they care for. It looked like a wonderful thing for both the dogs and the women involved. Since you are an educator and have connections with your local detention center, do you think this is a program that might benefit the inmates there and help some dogs to be rehabilitated?

We also wondered if there might be government grants or funding where you could create a non-for-profit 501c corporation to help offset the costs of starting such a program and assist you with your rescue efforts.

We have a local trainer that started something similar to this program with our main state prison. The prisoners train and rehabilitate the dogs and once they are ready for their forever homes, one of the local animal shelters then adopts them out. It is a very successful program.

I agree with Lisa. If the people on the forum don't ask questions, how do they learn?? While, yes, I am opinionated (ya think?) sometimes I have to back up and reread the posts and apologize because I am an idiot! A question was asked by a reader, probably out of curiosity, not condemnation, and was replied to as a curiosity question. No one complained about it. I don't know how people manage when their dogs don't get along, I only know how I deal with it when mine don't get along. I like to read how people solve their problems because I might need that info in the future.

And Jason/Miranda are correct-you never know people. Not even the person you live with. How many times have you been surprised by something someone you live with has said or done?

My thoughts are jumbled a lot of the time, simply because I put too much on my plate, don't read all the way through, or, at times, simply see what I want to see. When I am corrected, I have to stand back and see what I really did or said and realize that what I wrote, or the way I wrote it, is not what I actually meant to say. I don't believe the people on this forum are out to get anyone, but if I ask a stupid question, and get corrected for it, I shouldn't take offense either. I guess what I am trying to say is that sometimes, when we write something, it can be taken out of context when someone else is reading it. Does that make sense?


So sticking up for eachother is way wrong when you are on this forum? I never knew that to be the case.
There are other dog owners on this forum that has 6 or more dogs and I think if they were to take in more dogs, they would not be questioned as to where they would keep them or how in the world do you have enough time for all of them..
Vicki asked for advice as to how to bring these two rescue Eskis into her home, not whether she should/could or the like.
That being said.. WHy the whole

It is great to know that you would not question Vicki, but we don't know her, we don't know her situation and even if we did, we still might question her, depending on the situation. Recently we met someone, worked with them on several occasions, thought they were okay, and later they murdered someone (allegedly) we were on NBC dateline in regard to it! We would not hesitate to question, in order to provoke thought, and to get more of through understanding on the subject. It is unfortunate you find that objectionable.

was brought into converstation is absurd..We don't know Vicki, we are not supposed to know eachother ( unless you do because of geographics), it is a forum, where you meet people for advice, fun antics and great pictures…
I think, even if I don't know Vicki, if she were to all of a sudden hurt somebody, she would leave her beloved pets and fosters alone...

Vicki sorry if I felt like standing up for you and you didn't want that..

ComicDog, the "poster" you are refering to is Basenjimamma, you may use my name next makes for an easier read.

Vicki I also felt like standing up for you and so I did.

Basenjimamma I am with you on this with being said I like your style.

Comic Dog sometimes enough is enough and going over and over it just makes it get worse and more gets said new day new things in life.

Rita Jean

Okay everybody … take a deep calming breath.
Technology is great in bringing people together with other's ideas and opinions but it doesn't (yet) allow us to read body language, which is really critical in understanding what other's are saying -- so let's just keep that in mind and continue to exchange ideas and help each other out here.


Wizard you are right…I am leaving this, and I won't come back...


Okay everybody … take a deep calming breath.
Technology is great in bringing people together with other's ideas and opinions but it doesn't (yet) allow us to read body language, which is really critical in understanding what other's are saying -- so let's just keep that in mind and continue to exchange ideas and help each other out here.

Unfortunately, it is not necessary to use body language to see someone blatantly misquoting and ridiculing another poster.


Perhaps the original question was worded in an awkward manner. Ms. Vicki's answer seemed as if she felt she needed to defend herself. I can't believe this degenerated to this. Maybe next time we ask a question like that, leave it a little more open-ended so that many of us don't feel like someone is being a busybody or that someone else is being accused of something.

I don't think ComicDom meant it to come across that way, but somehow, it did and now, here we are.

I would have worded the original question something like this: "Wow, Vicki, you sure do a lot! How do you do it?"

Just a thought.

I like your thinking AJs Human but I am going with Basenjimamma and leaving this thread to all the others. Thank you for your thought.

Rita Jean


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This is a forum for the discussion of Basenjis, not a dueling society. If you feel attacked, please report it to the admin and then ignore the poster. Remember, however much you were provoked, if you attack a poster then you are just as guilty of breaking the rules.

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