Milo at 10 months

It was such a lovely day today, we took a nice walk with the gang and took some photos. I've posted a couple on my album if anyone would like to see them.

Just had a look at your pics Theresa, Milo looks great, he's quite a big boy isn't he.
What breed are the two big Dogs?


Milo is gorgeous and so are your two other dogs, are they rhodesian ridgebacks..?

Milo very handsome great stance. Like the two big guys/gals.

Rita Jean

Gorgeous dogs. You live in a very pretty area. I miss being near the ocean since I've been on the road.

Hi, Shelly, the big boys are Rhodesian Ridgebacks. Really nice natures. Thank you, our big lads were always the main attraction when we went out but now Milo keeps up, he gets just as much attention as his big brothers.


cracking photographs Theresa - Milo looks lovely as normal, and your ridgebacks look very calm & strapping big lads. ps good luck today at Kirkie, Lenzie & District!

Milo is a gorgeous boy, such a lovely expression 🙂

Beautiful dogs! What a lovely place you live in - thanks for posting.

Thanks for your lovely comments folks.


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