• I work for Montgomery County, Ohio and park in the garage attatched to the administration building, daily. I have seen a white pickup truck with a "I love my Basenji" bumper sticker nearly everyday. So, I assume, (don't say it), that you must work for the county. Just putting it out there, do you check this site out??? If, yes, I would love to meet you. If not then all is for naught then.:)

  • I suggest you leave note on the truck, the owner may like to meet you too but not be on this or any 'groups'.

    My DH bought me a plastic tag-surround that says "We love our Basenjis" and hopefully other basenji folks will see it and leave me a note!

  • I have a Basenji shopping bag and when i use it i make sure to carry it so the pics can be seen in the hope that anyone with a Basenji will speak to me. Never happened yet though.
    Good luck Bart

  • Yes, leave a note! I would be so excited if someone left a note for me about my Basenjis or any of my dogs.

  • I'm convinced, I'll leave a note. I'm not usually that forward but if its another basenji owner…..I can tell them about this site and we'll probably have many stories to tell.:):)

  • Houston

    I would leave a note too, all they can do is either contact you ..or not..

  • Just an FYI, I actually started this thread just B4 I was off work for a week (Sorry). I'm back now but haven't seen the truck again….yet.:) Still planning to leave a note. I'll see it again soon, I'm sure.

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