• Hello to all of you wonderful Basenji owners out there!

    Okay, it is day 5 of Fred's passing, and Ginger seemed to be taking the past week with just a little bit of moping, and sleeping alot, which she usually did anyway. I now know for sure she is deaf, as she took many cues from him and his movement before that she doesn't respond to now.

    I usually only go away to work 4 hours at a time, and she has never hesitated to get in her crate with treat incentives. I never make a big deal about going in or coming home, and I never would rush or create an anxious time of going in, and it was never a problem with the 2 of them, and they would settle down and go to sleep. I leave the hepa filter on for some noise, and all was well.

    But now, she's realizing that she is in there alone. And within minutes the crying starts. Oh, a heartwrenching, horrid sound it is, too. And when I get home 4 hours later, it is still going on… along with some destruction. I had a cover of a big towel over the wire crate that hasn't been touched in 10 months (and yes, I know that we could never have towels inside for them to shred), and the ends were somehow pulled inbetween the wires and shredded... she didn't eat them, just pulled them, because I watched her do it - she didn't hear me come in.

    So I put fleece over the top next time, and forgot a tshirt on top of that, and somehow, the tshirt got pulled partially between the wires and shredded (a Boycott Petland shirt!). I got her outside where she began to stress-poop everywhere.

    The next time, nothing was around but one piece of fleece inside, and it wasn't touched, but she stress-pooped inside the crate, which they have never done in the 10 months I had them.

    In between those times, I tried the sedative the vet gave me "just in case" - Acepromazine - and the first time I gave her half at 3pm, and she was knocked out until the next morning, basically - she was so woozy she could barely walk outside to pee.
    The next time I gave her 1/4th, and it still seemed to knock her out. (She is also on Tramadol and Benedryl 2 times a day).

    I took her to my boyfriend's last night (where she has been many many times before, and I have left them with him with minor fuss), and he said she howled the entire time, even though he and his daughter were there.

    SO, what do I do next, without drugging her so heavily?
    Will this pass, because it just seems to be getting worse, not better?


  • so sorry for your loss. we had to try several things to calm anxiety in our dog. they were both rescue dogs and came with some issues, mostly just moving to different places and getting use to new homes. we got this from our vet and were directed to give three a day but one was plenty. we did try two a day and it was too much. but it really helped.
    the script name is clomipramine 25 mg. i know it is really hard to watch something you love be so sad and unhappy. hang in there.

  • Houston

    Bless her heart. I don't have any great tips, except maybe DAP, although it might not be the strong stuff needed. Otis is sending his warm hugs to her..

  • Lots of love and time maybe a toy or something they shared together. Sounds to me like she is afraid of losing you. Best of luck.

    Rita Jean

  • Since she is deaf (has your vet confirmed that BTW) the loss of her friend is probably even more severe than if she weren't. Any chance you can get her another buddy?

  • Awwww poor Ginger i feel so sad for her and you having to cope.
    All i can suggest is lots and lots of TLC and perhaps another companion if you can cope and the time is right.
    Do you have to have a cover on top of the crate? If not it is one less thing for her to destroy.

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